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Program LALIT lor ledikasyon sorti. LALIT ekrir Minis Gokhool, Mgr Piat ek ex-Minis Obeegadoo.


A lokazyon Zurne Mondyal Langaz Kreol, ek zis letan bann zanfan primer pe konpoz lexame CPE, Zedi le 26 Oktob, LALIT ti prezant nu Program lor ledikasyon dan enn konferans de pres. Prezan dan konferans de pres, ti ena Sitressen Murday, Andre Pierre, Cindy Clelie, Lindsey Collen, Alain Ah-Vee, Rajni Lallah ek Ram Seegobin. U kapav kontakte nu si u ti pu kontan gayn enn kopi program-la.

Lavey konferans de pres, LALIT ti kit enn let a Minis Gokhool, a ex-Minis Steve Obeegadoo, ek a Mgr Piat pu prezant zot enn kopi nu program, ek sirtu met lanfaz lor 2 demand santral dan nu program ki kapav depas sa dedlok ki ena otur re-introdiksyon rengking nasyonal pu CPE ek introdiksyon A+.

Ala kopi let ki nu finn avoy Minis Gokhool (ki similer avek let ki nu finn avoy ex-Minis Obeegadoo ek Mgr Piat):

25 October, 2006

Minister of Education, Hon. D. Gokhool,
Ministry of Education and Human Resources

Dear Sir,

Faced with the ongoing need for change in an education system still marked by colonialism so many years after Independence, LALIT is proposing two major reforms in the education system in the immediate.

We have pleasure in sending you an advance copy of our programs, and below we summarise the two main changes we propose.

(i) We propose that all Colleges with HSC classes be allocated an equal quota of scholarships to Universities abroad and in Mauritius . The aim of this measure is to equalize all colleges while raising standards to that of the existing highest. The process by which this will happen, is that parents will tend to keep their children at a college near where they live, and the "intellectuals" amongst parents, who are famous for their ability to put order in a school through the PTA, will automatically spread themselves out over all the villages and "forbur", thus giving a hand in the process of making the school in their area a top school, instead of "rushing" for a handful of schools concentrated in one or two towns. The positive effect of this decision (once announced as a policy) will be immediate, even though the actual implementation will need to be later.

(ii) Together with this allocation of quotas for scholarships, we also propose that the national ranking of the CPE examination, be abolished, and while the examination remains national, results are announced as the first, say, 10 pupils per primary school. Children who come out higher in this new form of competition, which will now fall directly under the control of a PTA (and no longer be at the uncontrollable national level), get first choice of college to go to. Given the policy outlined in 1(i), we can expect parents in most instances to choose the nearest college, because, in addition to the advantages of proximity, the chances of a university scholarship will by then be greater there. Then the rest of the students are allocated a college on the basis of proximity and parent's choice.

We propose that the mother tongue be introduced as medium of education in schools. This will develop the cognitive and academic prowess of the entire school population, and improve levels of English and French.
The capital cost of the transition will be offset by the increase in the intelligence developed by all pupils. The transition should be organized by the simple means of the Ministry offering a prize for the best translation by a teacher of the text for each subject for each standard . During the transition, text books in English can also be available.

These two measures will, especially when taken together, immediately upgrade the cognitive and academic development of all children and raise the standard of all schools.

We will be mobilizing support for these, and the other demands in our Program based on the analysis, also in our Program. Please feel free to contact me if you or your officers require any clarification.

Yours sincerely,

Alain Ah-Vee