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Night-time Vigil in Solidarity with people of Lebanon and Palestine


LALIT, with the exceptional collaboration of the former President of the Republic, Mr. Cassam Uteem, held a vigil on the Esplanade of the Municipality of Port Louis on 7 August from 6:30 to 10:00 pm in solidarity with the people of Lebanon and Palestine and to call for a strong UN resolution, as well as for boycotting Israeli products and putting pressure on Government to immediately freeze diplomatic relations with Israel.

By candle-light, there were speeches by the former President and the LALIT representative, Ram Seegobin, as well as the reading of poems written by Palestinians and Mauritians on occupation and wars of aggression. The event was opened by the Lord Mayor of Port Louis, Mr. Reza Issack. The petition addressed to the UN Secretary General (see on our News site) was read out, and signed by 227 of those present, as well as by representatives of some 10 organizations.

Amongst those present were families from all the Port Louis city areas, young people who came on motorbikes, well-known writers, academics, artists, musicians, trade unionists, a delegation of Chagossians, representatives of associations as well as of the Muvman Premye Me. Children present enjoyed playing on the big Municipality steps, in the calm, quietly committed atmosphere of solidarity. Many older people present said they had not experienced the feeling of common commitment that they experienced that evening since the 1970’s, a time when there was a big upturn in all struggles in Mauritius.

The petition was handed over to the UN Resident Co-ordinator on 8 August.