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Sign petition to UN Secretary General in Solidarity with the people of Palestine and of Lebanon - Monday 7th August, 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm, Esplanade Municipality of Port Louis



We, the undersigned, through our Government, and also directly to you as Secretary General,

*Condemning outright the Israeli State for its aggression against the Palestinians in Gaza and against the people of the Republic of Lebanon, and condemning the illegal occupation of Palestine and attempted re-occupation of Lebanon,

*Noting that the "laws of war", later called the Geneva Conventions, which for centuries have been held in respect, are being flouted by the State of Israel, in that it is using military force disproportionately; has deliberately targeted civilians, United Nations posts and Red Cross facilities; is using terror as a weapon against civilians; is routing whole populations; is collectively punishing whole peoples; is destroying civilian infrastructures on a massive scale; all this on the basis of vacillating political goals (to re-capture two soldiers, to destroy terrorism, to secure borders, to impose a long-term "solution");

*Being aware of the United Nations attempts to pass resolutions to condemn Israeli aggression and of the United States repeated use of its veto, while it continues to arm Israel,

*Noting with alarm that the recent aggression in Gaza & Lebanon is seen by US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, as "birth pangs" of a new imperialist order in the oil-rich Middle East, presumably in the face of the United States’ political debacle in Iraq,

*Denouncing the use of the populations of Palestine, Israel and now Lebanon as cannon-fodder for unavowed political ambitions,

*Fearing that continued non-action on the part of the United Nations, will permit Israeli provocations, & allow further military aggression by Israel and/or the United States against yet other countries in the region, notably Syria and Iran,

*Noting that acts of aggression & occupation lead to resistance, and that such resistance is legitimate, and should not indiscriminately be branded as "terrorism" and/or considered to be something from outside of the occupied people,

*Joining with those all over the world opposing the Israeli aggression, saluting the brave individuals and organizations in Israel who are also protesting against this new aggression, and welcoming the petitions signed by Jewish people all over the world against the aggression as well as petitions signed by US citizens who, and US organizations which, in addition, denounce their own Government’s role in the aggression,

Therefore call on you to prepare a Security Council Resolution for:

*An immediate Israeli ceasefire, and

*An immediate arms embargo on the Middle East

as we sign this petition, in solidarity with the people of Palestine and of Lebanon.

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Petition coordinated by Lalit & by former
President of the Republic, Mr. Cassam Uteem. Please return signed petitions to Alain Ah-Vee,c/o Lalit, 153 Main Road, GRNW, Port Louis. Telephone 2082132, for any questions or clarification. To be submitted to the UN Secretary General and the Prime Minister’s Office on 8th August, 2006, with copies to Minister of Foreign Affairs, Embassies, anti-war networks, press.