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LALIT Requests Government to Comdemn Israel Military Aggressions Against Palestinian People


July 13, 2006

The Prime Minister,
Prime Minister's Office,
Republic of Mauritius,
Port Louis

Dear Sir,

We are writing to request that your Government take a strong position to condemn the series of military aggressions and the indiscriminate measures that the state of Israel has unleashed against the Palestinian people and its democratic bodies.

Members of our party have witnessed in person the hardships and indignities that the Palestinian people suffer everyday because of the "wall of shame", the military checkpoints, and the occupation of Palestinian land by Israeli armed forces and settlers.

After the sham "retreat from Gaza", now there are air and ground attacks and the targeting of Palestinian Ministers and Members of Parliament. Even Lebanon is now being invaded by the Israeli armed forces.

Given the gravity of the aggressions against the Palestinian civilians and officials, we wish to join our voice to that of past President Cassam Uteem in his appeal to your Government.

The International Community needs to impress on the government of Israel that its actions are making any negotiated politicalsolution and any hope of lasting peace in the Middle East more difficult to achieve.

Yours sincerely,
Alain Ah Vee