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Diego Garcia Islanders on Right to Return: Victory in UK High Court


The inhabitants of Diego Garcia and the other islands of the Chagos Archipelago have today, 11 May, won their Court Case in the High Court in London for the right to return to their Islands. They were forcibly removed in the 1960's and 1970's by the British, who illegally stole the islands, and rented them to the US Armed Forces for one of their largest military bases.

For the first time in British history the Queen of England's signing of "Orders in Council" has been overturned. These decrees take place behind the back of Parliament.

Two Orders in Council in the year 2004 banned inhabitants of the Islands from returning, following the judgement of the year 2000 granting the right to return.

The inhabitants were forcibly removed to make way for the base, and the islands were dismembered from the rest of the Mauritius Islands. Lalit has for 30 years been running ongoing campaigns for the right to return plus reparations, for the closing down of the infamous military base, and for the re-unification of Mauritius, through the decolonization of the shameful fiction called "British Indian Ocean Territories".

(reference : DIEGO GARCIA in Times of Globalization written by LALIT published in 2002)