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Workers of the World, Unite : Message of Solidarity from AWL


Dear comrades,

The Alliance for Workers Liberty sends its best wishes and solidarity on May Day 2006.

In Britain as in Mauritius, we are fighting for public services and for workers rights, against the policies typical of todays capitalist world market, privatisation, the rule of the market, job insecurity, wage-cutting.

On 28 March workers in local government here held a tremendous one-day strike against the plans by Blair, Brown, and New Labour to cut pensions.

The union leaders are now trying to bury that movement under negotiations about how to manage the cuts. In the union conferences this summer we will fight against that.

We draw inspiration from the recent struggles of French students and workers, and their victory over the French government plan to eliminate all job security for younger workers. The AWL has sent two delegations to France in recent weeks, to join the demonstrations there, to discuss with comrades in France, and to learn from the struggle.

On 4 May our comrades Janine Booth and Charlie Macdonald will be contesting the local elections in Hackney, east London, under the banner of Socialist Unity. New Labour has deprived the working class of political representation. We are fighting to revive and restore independent working-class representation in politics.

Janine, as a member of the railworkers union RMT, has become the first socialist candidate outside the Labour Party to be officially endorsed by a trade union in England, certainly for many years, and maybe for a hundred years or more.

Another of our struggles here is against the Blair government drive to increase the number of church or mosque-controlled schools within the state system. Tony Blair has appointed Ruth Kelly, a supporter of the sinister ultra-Catholic sect Opus Dei, as education minister. We fight for free, good-quality, non-selective, secular education for all.

On May Day we will be joining trade-union demonstrations to demand the repeal of the anti-union laws which were introduced by the Tory government in the 1980s and 1990s, and maintained by Blair New Labour government. At present workers in Britain can strike, legally, only if the courts agree that their dispute is only about terms and conditions with their particular employer, the balloting procedures are approved, and the employer has been given suitable notice.

We fight for the unrestricted right to strike, and above all for the right to strike in solidarity with other workers. That sort of solidarity action is the core of working-class morality, and the core of internationalism.

Workers of the world, unite.

Martin Thomas, for Workers Liberty