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Message of Solidarity from WOSA for Labour Day


Dear Comrades in Lalit,

We in WOSA, Workers Organisation for Socialist Action, in South Africa, send you warm, socialist greetings on May Day, International Workers Day.

We celebrate this special day with workers throughout the world. We celebrate and commemorate the struggles of the thousands that fought and often died for recognition of this day in the past. We also celebrate our struggles of today: against low wages, against anti trade union laws, against privatization and the strategies of the IMF and the World Bank. These strategies continue to attempt to divide us as workers by our country borders. They encourage us to compete against each other to work more for less, to destroy our local industries, to believe that the only way to develop our countries is through a race to the bottom of the labour pile.

In South Africa, we have a new democracy and an old set of economic relations. Capitalism continues to thrive on the poverty, divisions and disempowerment caused by apartheid and adds a new dimension to our exploitation by creating a black business class. The South African capitalist class now tries to act as the new representative of international capital in the region by subjugating and dominating the economies of other countries in Southern Africa.

We in WOSA continue to believe in the struggle for a socialist future, a just and humane society based on the principles of economic and political equality, free movement of peoples across borders, the right to free health, education, water and electricity, and freedom from violence and exploitation. We believe that only through the collective struggles of workers internationally and collective work with other socialist organizations such as Lalit , can this be achieved.

We remain inspired by your commitment to this ongoing struggle and the unique and creative forms of your organization. We hope our comradeship will continue to grow from strength to strength.

Viva Lalit Viva!!

From the WOSA co-ordinating committee.