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Resisting The World Trade Organisation
Lalit militants at anti-WTO African Continental meeting in Johannesburg


Rajni Lallah and Priya Bonomally, two Lalit's militants, will be participating in an important meeting of African people's organisation on the World Trade Organisation in South Africa this week. Organised jointly by the Africa Trade Network (ATN) and the Southern African People's Solidarity Network (SAPSN) the theme of this continental meeting is "Resisting The World Trade Organisation (WTO) - " Taking The Spirit Of Seattle To Cancun ! " - "Tactics And Strategies For African Civil Society With And Within The International Peoples Movement".

In the calling document of this Continental meeting (see news posted 21/07/03) it is said "it is absolutely essential that peoples organisations throughout the world engage very actively in concentrated campaigns over the coming months, in the lead up to Cancun, in order to widen and deepen public understanding and active opposition to the global neo-liberal project - and big power agendas - being pushed through the WTO. Such concerted peoples actions are particularly important in Africa. Africa is the area of the world most negatively affected by the imposition of the neo-liberal global system, and most threatened by the further expansion of the coverage of the WTO and the uncontrolled power of the transnational corporations. Such counter-actions are particularly important in Africa in order to bring popular influences and pressures to bear on governments to defend the interests and needs of the people of Africa and not to surrender to the pressures and propaganda persuasions of the major powers being exerted upon them."

In Mauritius various workers and social organisations have started discussions on the organisation of protest actions in September, to join-in the world wide protests against the WTO. Free zone workers participating in the mass demonstration last Saturday already expressed their will of joining the protest in September.

Lalit has already sent a letter to Minister Cuttaree asking for a public statement on "secrete" offers being made by the government on social rights of the people.

The trade union movement is also preparing activities that will lead to the protest action in September. For example the General Workers Federation (GWF) is organising a one-day seminar on the WTO and Social Rights on the 19th August 2003. A representative of the Mauritius Labour Congress will be participating a Seminar in Johannesburg on the WTO organised by the International Federation of Workers Education Association.