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LALIT retrospective 2005: ECONOMY: Visionary nation-wide campaign launched


2005 saw the launch of a nation-wide campaign to alert the working class of the vicious looming economic crisis that is now, at the end of 2005, already upon us, and to outline the alternatives. There is a tendency for the entire intelligentia to pretend that sugar cane is the only crop and the only export crop that grows on the Mauritian soil, which they are hell-bent on leaving in the monopoly control of the bourgeoisie. Lalit is questioning this, and has produced clear economic demands that all workers find absolutely reasonable.

A pre-campaign had already been built up by Lalit since the publication of a pamphlet on the economy in June, 2003, and in 2005, an 80-page bilingual program called "An alternative political economy" was launched to guide the multi-pronged campaign.

The campaign involved public meetings and neighbourhood political sessions, radio programmes, a conference and a forum. Lalit member Alain Ah-Vee also represented Lalit in a Southern African seminar on economic alternatives held in Johannesburg in 2005, giving the campaign an international element.

The press was unanimous in blocking all debate on the economy during the electoral campaign. As if it is "blasphemous" to question how the boss's economy works, or doesn't work, during a democratic process.

Lalit even had to take the radio stations to the Independent Broadcasting Authority, and won the right to more broadcasts in the run-up to the general elections.

The new year 2006 begins with Lalit preparing the emergency mobilization against the economic crisis.