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Mordechai Vanunu Arrested in Palestine


AFP reported yesterday, 19 November that Israeli nuclear scientist and witness of the Israeli nuclear weapons program, Mordechai Vanunu, was arrested for going into the West Bank to protest against the apartheid wall. He is amongst the thousands of Israelis who support the struggle of the Palestinian people against military occupation. LALIT was also part of the one week of action against the wall that carves up Palestinian territory, dividing homes, people from their workplaces, peasants from their olive tree orchards, and nabbing water supplies.

Mordechai Vanunu was released after a long prison sentence (18 Years) under certain conditions, including that he not go to the West Bank. He was arrested at the Al-Ram checkpoint, north of Jerusalem.

In the face of the denial by the Israeli State that it has nuclear capabilities, a denial believed by no informed people, it was Mordecai Vanunu who, as a matter of conscience, told the public about the Dimona nuclear plant. He gave the information to the British Sunday Times newspaper. He was kidnapped by the Israeli secret services in Italy, and jailed for 18 years for revealing State secrets.