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Ledikasyon pu Travayer sets up Three New Working Groups


Ledikasyon pu Travayer announced at the ceremony held on Saturday, 3 September at the LPT Mother Earth Hall in Grand River North West, that following the enthusaism after its recent Training Course for Adult Literacy Teachers, three new Working Groups have been set up. Many of the 52 participants in the recent Training Course have volunteered to be in the Groups. The three groups are being set up in the context of World Literacy Day, which is this week. One group is already working on putting LPT's Kreol-English Dictionary into electronic form and then onn-laynn. A group have started the proof-reading and trouble-shooting, and are preparing for the onn-laynn dictionary. The second is working on "terminology", a subject that the Academy of African Languages is encouraging all lovers of language to work on. The third is a "pedagogical" workshop that will do in-depth sessions on the different creative pedagogical methods that LPT uses, one by one.