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Written Judgements finally available for dismissal of trumped up charges against Lindsey Collen and Ram Seegobin


Finally the contents of the judgements against Ram Seegobin and Lindsey Collen in the two court cases that the police trumped up against them in the run-up to the anti-Bush demonstration in 2002 are now available. The new Attorney General is right now highlighting this kind of difficulty in getting hold of judgements. He is insisting that the public get access to judgements as of right, and accused not get left with just the words "Guilty" or "Not Guilty" uttered orally in Court.

The two Lalit leading members were falsely accused of "molesting" police officers who were present to spy on a common front meeting of a number of organizations including Lalit. Ram Seegobin was falsely charged with accusing the police of killing innocent people, whereas he was criticizing them for being on private property without authorization and for spying on a meeting planning a demonstration. Lindsey Collen was accused, curiously, of calling them "moutouk" which means "maggots", which during the case was found to be a total mis-reading of their own handwriting in an Occurrence Book in which she was reported as having said "moustas" (the one with a moustache), which she says it is possible she did say, in referring to a police officer, when Ram Seegobin told her that the Police Officer had said "People like you should be killed!"

The police probably decided to lay charges because the police officer's threatening words were reported in a daily newspaper.

In Ram Seegobin's case, the police did not establish their case at all, and the lawyer for the Lalit members, Jean Claude Bibi, decided not to call Ram to give evidence. The Magistrate said "the court is faced with three different versions from three Prosecution witnesses", before finding him not guilty. In Lindsey Collen's case, the Magistrate said "The Court noted with concern that the testimonies of Prosecution witnesses were not fully consistent". He added, "Moreover, the Accused deposed under oath. She put her version before the Court and she was tendered for cross examination. She came through as someone who was genuine and she was consistent."

It is with some relief that Lalit members read the judgments which show up the fabricated stories of the Police officers, especially as the case had been complicated by the fact that three eye-witnesses, by the time the case came up, were busy running campaigns against Lalit and in particular against Lindsey Collen, so they could not be called. It is an irony of history that one of the three running a campaign against Lalit had himself actually said words attributed by the police to Ram Seegobin in the charges.

The dismissal of the cases against Ram and Lindsey, when they were organizing opposition to Bush's politics, adds to the list of dismissals in cases of trumped up charges. There was the dismissal in the totally fabricated charges of conspiracy against trade unionist, Alain Tolbize, when he had a Constitutional Case against the State, and there was also the dismissal of the ridiculous charges of "rogue and vagabond" against Lalit member, Roland Fozoo and ex-Lalit member, Devianand Narrain when they went to see and interview a victim of police brutality who had appealed to Roland Fozoo for help.