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LALIT party with most women candidates


After all the mobilization of women to get more candidates in the major Alliances, Labour and its Allies have fielded only 6 and the MSM-MMM-PMSD 10 of their 60 candidates.

Lalit, by contrast, has 14 women candidates out of 32 candidates in all, or forty four per cent.
Amongst our candidates are women from very different backgrounds and very different jobs.
Martine Mavisa is a mother of six children between the ages of 2 and 14. She is active in the struggle against police brutality and in neighbourhood Lalit work.
Chantale Lefranc is a sugar cane labourer who was laid off on the socalled Voluntary Retirement Scheme that the sugar estates have imposed in order to cut jobs. She is now a cleaning operator in a cleaning company.
Rajni Lallah, central committee member is a classical pianist and versatile musician who works as piano teacher. She is active in the trade union movement and at grass roots.
Sarojini Govinda, who works in a kindergarten at a free zone factory joined Lalit when there were the Leisure Garments demonstrations organized by Lalit some years ago.
There are the five women under 30 described briefly in the article near this one, about young people as candidates.

Pushpa Lallah is a preschool teacher and teacher-educator. She is active in the women's movement and in the struggle for the mother tongue.
Marie Anne Philippe, also known as Corinne Fozoo, has worked in free zone factories, and is an active member of the women's association, Muvman Liberasyon Fam.

Lindsey Collen, Central Committee member, is a writer, known for her novels, and also an active member of the Muvman Liberasyon Fam. She is an activist in the homeless peoples' movement too.

Nanda Sutchoo-Mangra is a child-minder. She has lived in France and Italy for many years, and has returned to Mauritius. She joined Lalit because of its women's program and because of its actions against communalism.

Ragini Kistnasamy, central committee member, works in data capture and has vast experience with computer softwear and data organization. She is active in the women's movement. She was in the Palestine Occupied Territories as a volunteer last year, in support of the people living under occupation. She kept a diary every day. (See news in September 2004).