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LALIT only party with young candidates


Lalit is the only party in elections with young candidates. The two big Alliances have no candidates under 30 years of age on their lists of 60 candidates, while Lalit has 6 of its 32 candidates.

There are four women members who are around 22-23. One, Cindy Clelie, is a University student and also a Central Committee member. Sarah Jane Naraina is a bus conductor, from the first batch of women in this work. She is also a boxer. Juliana Sabine is a mother of two primary school children, who has in the past worked in factories but who is now housewife. She has been in Lalit since she was 14. Stephanie Philippe is a free zone factory worker. All of them are political activists.

The other two members who are under 30 are Central Committee member Ally Hosenbokus who is a secondary school teacher, also studying correspondence for a University Degree, and Pascale Mavisa, who used to work at the factory that produced samousas for export. She is active in the Association for Football in the Malherbes housing estate.