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MLF calls on Pregnant Women to Get Vaccinated


The women’s organization Muvman Liberasyon Fam has issued a Press Communiqué encouraging pregnant women to get vaccinated for protection against Covid. We in LALIT add our voice. Women who are pregnant can just go to any of the big hospitals, ask where pregnant women coming forward for the Pfizer vaccination must go, and talk to the doctors there on-the-spot. Right now 20% of all ICU Covid patients in the UK (where health statistics are good) are pregnant women. So, the Covid risks for pregnant women are very high indeed, while the vaccinations have proven safe.

Here is the MLF Communiqué in full:

“The special dangers that Covid poses for pregnant women mean it is important that they should get vaccinated to protect themselves and their babies. It is important for everyone eligible to step up for vaccination. But we should remember that initially, rightly following the “precautionary principle”, health authorities world-wide, including in Mauritius, advised pregnant women not to have the vaccines until scientists could check that there were not any adverse effects on the pregnancy. Time has proven that the vaccine is absolutely essential for pregnant women. This means it is important to put emphasis on this new scientific advice:  it is vital to get the vaccine, as it is both safe and protects both the pregnant woman and her child from the particular Covid dangers pregnant women and their newborns risk. This is why we, in the women’s movement, are taking the initiative to reassure, with particular encouragement, pregnant women that vaccination is in their very best interests. 

“We have seen unvaccinated young women getting very ill, and some even losing their lives in Mauritius, as we have seen all over the world, from Covid in and around child-birth. There are clearly additional dangers for pregnant women if they get Covid. 

“Here is a 4-minute video clip put out by the National Health Service in England which includes the testimony of women who have survived quite bad Covid around the time of their child-bearing --  

“In fact, 98% of pregnant women in hospital in the UK with symptomatic COVID-19 are unvaccinated.

“Given also that the anti-vaccination campaigners, very much supported within the local Press, spread all kinds of false rumours, “fake news” and sheer blatant lies against vaccines, in general and for pregnant women in particular, we in the Muvman Liberasyon Fam would like to add our voice to the voices of science and medicine, and call on women in the whole of Mauritius, including Rodrigues and Agalega, if pregnant, to get the vaccine as soon as possible. 

“To be clear, we call on all women and girls to get vaccinated against Covid in regional hospitals. We believe hospitals are offering Pfizer vaccines for pregnant women. And we urgently call on pregnant women to do so because they are exposed to additional dangers should they get Covid. And Covid is spreading fast in Mauritius right now. Pregnant women need to be aware that the “modord” from the scientists has evolved over time, and is now categoric: get the vaccination and the booster. Pregnant women also need reassurance in the face of the irresponsible propaganda spread by the anti-vaccination lobby.”


Rajni Lallah

for the MLF