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Save the Pointe Aux Roches Public Beach - Lalit in protest action last Sunday


Lalit militants participated in a protest action organized by the “Movement Pa Tus nu La Plaz/Espace Vert” on Sunday 20th July at Pointe Aux Roches, a public beach situated in the South of Mauritius.
Ram Seegobin and Nicholas Raghoonauth, Lalit Central Committee members, and other Lalit militants were present to protest against the new tourist Hotel project planned by the sugar bosses there. The promoters of this project have forced the government to build a new road and close the existing one which gave access to the Pointe Aux Roches public beach. Some 500 people participated were present at Pointe Aux Roches.

Lalit recently warned against the social and ecological impact of the “development strategy” of the government and bosses which is focused on tourism and the commodification of natural resources.

This strategy will jeopardize the rights of citizens of Mauritius as well as endanger the natural sites of the country.