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Solidarity with Health Care Workers


As the Covid-19 epidemic worsens, 

and it could yet become critical, 

with the health system becoming overwhelmed, 

we, the undersigned,

appeal to everyone’s better judgment,

especially during a pandemic, 

to avoid capitalizing, for any reason whatsoever,

on the distress of the ill

or on the cries-of-pain of those mourning the loss of a dear one; 

to avoid heaping blame on hospital staff, 

or the health services, for the suffering brought by the epidemic; 

but instead be sure to act in ways that support health care workers,

the very workers that, the moment we fall ill,

are there to look after us and our families.

We take this moment to put forward three demands that will help:

1. That everyone eligible for vaccination step up and get vaccinated; this way we protect our health services,

2. That everyone persist, during the crisis, wearing masks properly, keeping distance and avoiding crowds; this way we all slow down the spread of the virus;

3. And that Government immediately recruit and train permanent staff

as nurses, assistants and attendants to re-enforce the health care system, as well as public health.


 Name of organizations                                                                 

Atma Shanto, Federation des Travailleurs Unis

Haniff Peerun, Mauritius Labour Congress & All Workers Confederation 

Iqbal Amiran, Government Services Employees Association       

Ram Nowzadick, Nurses’ Association

Rajree Thylamay, union des Travailleurs de Ministere de la Santé & All Workers Trade union Federation

Anne-Marie Joly, Muvman Liberasyon Fam

Vinod Seegum, Confederation of General Trade unions

Mosadeq Sahebdin, Consumers’ Advocacy Platform

Norman Tambanivoul, Dr Idrice Goomany Treatment Centre

Reeaz Chuttoo, Confederation des Travailleurs de Secteur Privé

Alain Ah Vee, LALIT

Individual signatories

Cassam Uteem

Alain Muneean

Imran Dhanoo   

Carlo de Souza

Gopalen Chellapermal