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“AUKUS” equals Half the Countries that Voted against UN Resolution to decolonize Africa


Mauritius is affected directly by the bellicose new treaty “AUKUS”, the brand new military alliance uniting three Anglophone imperialist countries: the USA, UK and Australia. The USA on 15 September announced that it had managed to bribe Australia with $66 billion (repeat $66,000,000,000) and lure an isolated post-Brexit UK into its plan to supposedly “contain” China. We see that, just as George W Bush needed Tony Blair hanging on to his coat-tails to give the US aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2003 onwards an appearance of being multi-lateral, so Joe Biden now needs Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison to give the same appearance to the US’s bellicose stand relative to China. Indeed AUKUS is the marker of start of the second Cold War. When he was President, Donald Trump had already set the stage and launched a trade war against China, as well as a xenophobic propaganda war, calling the Covid pandemic “the China virus”.

Anyway, for the record, the three countries that constitute “Aukus” – the USA, Britain and Australia – make up a full half of the countries that voted, at the UN General Assembly in 2019, against the de-colonization of Chagos, including Diego Garcia, the very island where the USA has a huge military base that services nuclear submarines. They thus voted against the de-colonization of Africa in a Resolution put before the UN by the African union. 

The other three countries that voted against decolonization of Africa were included the predictable Israel, a country reduced to being a sort-of colony of the USA, the extreme-right-wing near-fascist government in Hungary, and, because of some other grievance, with a heavy nudge from the USA, the Maldives.  

The fact that the totality of AUKUS contains half of all those who voted to prolong Africa’s colonization, and contains no-one else, shows what the alliance is about: continued colonization.

What the USA is doing over there in the South China Sea “containing” a country that is situated, as its name suggests, in the South China Sea, of course, remains perplexing. One could understand if the Chinese were being “contained” by all manner of US nuclear submarines parked off the Coast of California, say. 

Conversely, can one imagine what hell to play there would be should China decide to contain the USA and send nuclear submarines anywhere near Cuba and Haiti, as the USA is now doing near China? 

Yes, one can. 

It already happened in the previous Cold War, when, after the USA actually invaded Cuba and was defeated in a failed attempt to oust the Castro government at what became known as “the Bay of Pigs” in 1961, the Cuban government requested and was getting defensive nuclear missiles from the Soviet union to ward off future invasions. So furious was the USA that, under President Kennedy, nuclear war was only just averted in 1961 in the incident known as The Blockade of Cuba or the October Crisis of 1962. This was the closest the world ever came to nuclear war. So, we know.

For details on this, please read the 2020 article from The New Yorker at

All this means that the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition Nuclear Arms that came into force on 22 January 2021, really must be signed up by all our Governments, starting with the Mauritian Government. 

To date, 86 countries have signed and 56 states are parties to the Treaty. Notably none of the nuclear arms countries, i.e. the USA, Russia, UK, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea. South Africa dismantled its nuclear arms plant at Pelindaba as part of a binding international Treaty for a Nuclear Arms Free Africa. The US military base on Diego Garcia is in flagrant violation of this Treaty to which the USA has in fact signed up. Mauritius, and other countries, must call for IAEA inspections for nuclear materials.