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Biden Prepares whole new War Monger Plan against China


On 2 October, please note that date, a US nuclear-powered “attack submarine” the USS Connecticut, which is 107 metres long, while it was sneaking around underwater in the South China sea, collided with an object underground. The shock was enough to injure some 11 US marines. 

The USA only ended up to confessing to the accident of this nuclear-propelled submarine nearly a week later on 7 October. Again take a mental note of the date, please. The US authorities admitted lamely that the submarine had then had to limp to Guam military base without going under the water. They have, as far as we can research not given any further specification as to where the accident occurred, nor as to whether independent enquiries were being carried out to ensure no nuclear leakage into the South China Sea area. 

Of course, the submarine was “there” in the South China Sea, busy “containing” China. So, long before the AUKUS nuclear submarines that the USA will sell to Australia once they are built, long before construction even begins, there are already nuclear-propelled US attack submarines in the South China Sea, as if it were the USA’s back yard.

This submarine, the USS Connecticut, was probably part of the exercises being carried out by yet another alliance of six imperialist countries. Yes, the USA and the UK, the very next day after the accident, on 3 October, steamed ahead with Britain’s UK’s HMS Queen Elizabeth and the USS Ronald Reagan and USS Carl Vinson, all three air-craft carriers, out in front, leading a whole armada of naval hardware from the Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand and Japan to go scare China.

Then, on 4 October, two days after the accident and the day after the show of military force on China’s doorstep, the Chinese authorities, clearly alarmed at both the accident (that they probably knew about) and now the show of force, sent dozens of its fighter jets over its own Chinese territory and the nearby sea.

This was given massive publicity on all the Western imperialist media, with low-key mentions of the cause for the Chinese mobilization. The Chinese mobilization was clearly meant to remind Taiwan, which acts as host to all this war-mongering, of China’s position that there is “one China” and to remind the Western alliance doing the show of force that China is not going to disappear. 

Almost all the American and UK news outlets, even the US National Public Radio, said the Chinese planes were flying over “Taiwan Airspace” or even “over Taiwan”. Only a few ever corrected, by adding often rather quickly, that the planes were flying over “Taiwan’s self-declared Air Defence Identification Zone” (ADIZ). This ADIZ is Taiwan auto-proclaiming the right to know what airplanes have come into a much wider region than the 12 nautical miles of actual “Airspace” by international law and convention, and only 20 countries have claimed ADIZ’s. Over a third of even this space, in Taiwan’s case, is actually over mainland China’s land, the rest having a median line between Taiwan and mainland China, meaning only half can even be claimed by it. It must be remembered that China claims all this as “one China”, and that the US formally accepted this. In fact it was on 1 January 1979 that the USA recognized China and established diplomatic ties with the Peoples’ Republic of China as sole legitimate government of China. On the same day it withdrew recognition of Taiwan. Since Trump, this has been put in jeopardy, with Biden going even further and really stirring things up.

Only after all the media coverage about China’s airplanes supposedly going into Taiwan’s airspace, only then, only on 7 October do we learn that a US nuclear submarine had an accident there. Only then do we get the odd news report on the USA’s show of force. This way, we are led to believe that it was China being bellicose first. Which is why we asked you to keep in mind the exact dates.


At the same time as the new AUKUS alliance, set up on 15 September, and this six-country show of military might in the South China Sea, there is an alliance from 2007 being re-ignited by the USA. It is called the “Quad” and consists of USA, Australia, Japan and India. So, we have all these mainly right-wing Governments (Boris Johnson, Scott Morrison, etc) in an array of different alliances and treaties, giving the USA political cover for its aggressive anti-China policy, a policy that really already got under way under Donald Trump.

In a recent interview Noam Chomsky said this: “A major point of contention right now is ‘freedom of navigation’ in the South China Sea. More accurately, as Australian strategic analyst Clinton Fernandes points out, the conflict concerns military/intelligence operations in China’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) extending 200 miles offshore. The U.S. holds that such operations are permissible in all EEZs. China holds that they are not. India agrees with China’s interpretation, and vigorously protested recent U.S. military operations in its EEZ.” Chomsky goes on to explain, “EEZs were established by the 1982 Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). The U.S. is the only maritime power not to have ratified the Law, but asserts that it will not violate it. The relevant wording about military operations in the Law is not entirely precise. Surely this is a clear case where diplomacy is in order, not highly provocative actions in a region of considerable tension, with the threat of escalation, possibly without bounds.” And Prof. Chomsky concludes, “All of this is part of the U.S. effort to ‘contain China’.”

And to de-code this who better placed than former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating, who Chomsky quotes saying, that all this is designed to try to establish “the fact that somehow, the rise of 20 per cent of humanity from abject poverty into something approaching a modern state, is illegitimate – but more than that, by its mere presence, an affront to the United States. It is not that China presents a threat to the United States – something China has never articulated nor delivered – rather, its mere presence represents a challenge to United States pre-eminence.”

So, once again under a Democratic President, just as the Cold War got its hottest under President Kennedy when, following the US failed invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in 1961, Cuba tried to defend itself from invasion by accepting Soviet union missiles and Kennedy mobilized a naval Blockade, an act of war, against the Soviet union, we are again under Democratic President in a new Cold War being heated up by President Biden, this time against China. A nuclear-propelled submarine like the USS Connecticut having an accident like this so close to China is really risking world peace once again.

No sooner had the USA withdrawn from Afghanistan, when the military industrial complex factories were all worried about where the next contracts might come from, they can put their heads to rest: an arms race is being set up against China.


[Typo Corrected on 12 Oct at 8:45 am)