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LALIT calls for Applications for new Lekol De-kad


LALIT is calling for applications from young people for a new “cadres’ school” to be held in Curepipe once a week on Saturdays for 4 sessions. It is designed for young people interested in a political, as opposed to a merely “civil society” or “charitable” approach to change. The course is free. The last one, held in Port Louis a few months ago, was very lively.

The dates for the Curepipe Lekol De-kad are 23 and 30 October and 6 and 13 November, and applicants need to reserve a place (by phone or by e-mail), as we will be adhering to social distancing conventions because of the epidemic. So, you can only secure a place by means of formal reservation. We will be strict about this because the borders will have been open only 3 weeks or so, and there is, from now on, the increased danger of the fast-spreading variants like Delta finding their way into the country, and we need to protect our health workers and universal health services. We prefer all those who can be vaccinated to have been vaccinated, at least one jab, as a sign of their care for others in society.   

The subjects to be covered in this course are as varied as “How society changes” i.e. the limits of the silly phrases, “We need a change in mentality” and “The state” i.e. as opposed to “the Government”. From subjects like “What exactly is alienation?” to sharing a structure for comprehending “Mauritian history in 15 minutes”.  The sessions are, of course, in Kreol, and include multi-media. We rely also on the active participation of learners – to the extent that they feel comfortable.

For exact times and dates, please contact us via LALIT members who are co-coordinating the new Lekol De-kad, Rajni Lallah on 5 253 4378 or Alain Ah Vee on 5 932 9002 or Lindsey Collen 5 781 6256. Then you will need to submit your name and make a formal application for a reservation for a place on the course – again through them or by means of an e-mail to in which you give a cellphone number for us to give you the details over the phone.