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No to Apartheid ISRAELI STATE in the AFRICAN union


SOLIDARITE MORISYIN AVEK LEPEP PALESTINN (SOMALP) addressed a letter  to minister Ganoo

To Hon. Alan Ganoo,

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration & International Trade

Newton Tower, 

Cnr Sir William Newton and Remy Ollier Street,

Port Louis

2 August 2021 

We are calling on the government of Mauritius to oppose Israel being granted “observer status” in the African union. This decision which was announced on July 22 by the Chairperson of the African union (AU) Commission, H.E. Moussa Faki Mahamat, was taken by the African union Commission without any prior consultation with other member states.

The Governments of South Africa, Nigeria, Namibia, Algeria and Tunisia have already publicly stated their opposition to this unilateral decision. Mauritius also should reject this undemocratic decision to accept Israel’s claim to accreditation so that the matter can be placed on the agenda of the next session of the AU executive Council.  

The AU has always taken position in support of the Palestinian cause through various declarations adopted at ordinary sessions of its Assembly. Any accreditation of Israel as an observer state would do injustice to the long-standing, principled position of solidarity with the Palestinian people expressed by the African union, its predecessor the Organization of African Unity (OAU), individual African states and the African people.

This decision of the AU Commission is most unwelcomed at a time when the Apartheid regime of Israel is increasing its acts of military aggression and oppression of the Palestinian people in total violation of international law.

Israel is maintaining more than 70 years of one of the most brutal and destructive examples of colonial rule and military occupation of Palestinian territory. Successive Israeli regimes’ measures have systematically divided the population of the Occupied Palestinian Territory along racial lines, establishing separate reserves for Palestinians and expropriating their land. These acts amount to committing the crime of Apartheid.  Israel has acted with impunity over its decades of violations of human rights and international law. 

More recently the Israeli state has acted against initiatives to complete the decolonisation process in Africa. In 2017 at the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) Israel voted against a resolution proposed by the African union calling for the ICJ to give an advisory opinion on British excision of Chagos from Mauritius. And in 2019 Israel again voted against UNGA resolution presented by Senegal on behalf on African states demanding that UK stop its colonial occupation of the Chagos.

On what grounds is Israel being given observer status at the AU? Nothing has changed in Israel’s illegal military occupation and colonisation of Palestinian territory since it was refused this status by the AU in 2002. On the contrary Israel has extended its destruction of Palestinian homes, expulsion and grabbing of land and continued the criminal economic blocade and bombardment of Gaza in 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2021. What has changed is the growing campaign of boycott, disinvestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel. The Israeli government is today more and more criticised globally, including even within the USA, its main armament supplier, for its racist and oppressive rule. 

Yours sincerely,

Alain Ah Vee, 5 932 9002.

For Solidarite Morisyin Avek Lepep Palestinn: Non a Aparteid Israel! (SOMALP) grouping together:

Mauritius Labour Congress - All Workers’ Federation,Confederation of General Trade unions, Confederation des Travailleurs des Secteurs Publique et Privé, Federation of Parastatal Bodies and Other union, Consumer Advocacy Platform, Dr. Idrice Goomany Treatment CentreMuvman Liberasyon Fam, Chagos Refugees Group, LALIT and individual members.