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LALIT held session on Marxist Economics in Rosehill


On Saturday, 29 January, the Lalit Rosehill branch held a three-hour session on Marxist Economics, as a challenge to the economics taught in schools, universities and referred to in the mainstream media. Lindsey Collen gave an hour and a half introductory talk, and then there was open discussion. The eleven people present were all keen to sharpen their understanding of the economic theories of Marx. This work is in the context of the launch of our campaign for an alternative political economy, which was launched earlier in January.

As well as looking at the concepts understood so piercingly by Marx, Lindsey Collen also gave brief guidelines to the contribution of subsequent revolutionaries, in particular, Lenin, Rosa Luxemburg, Trotsky and Antonio Gramsci.
The second half of the afternoon was spent in disussing related subjects, some theoretical, as to what exactly will happen when capital has already taken over everywhere since it is so depending on EXPANSION, others practical, like what is the political trajectory of the Mugabe land distribution program in Zimbabwe.