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LALIT addressed Message of Solidarity to Antiwar Assembly in Japan


 LALIT sent a message of solidarity to Antiwar Assembly organized  by JRCL (Japan Revolutionary Communist League) and All Japan Federation of Students held on the 1st August in Tokyo and six other cities in Japan. 

The organising committee send us a note after the assemblies which we are reproducing below;

 Today the number of infections in Tokyo hit the record high, in the middle of the Olympics. Hundreds of athletes and officials are also reported to have been infected. Responsibilities for all this are on the part of the Suga-led Japanese government.

The Antiwar Assembly also coincide with remembrance  of disaster done by US imperialist and Allies, when they dropped nuclear bombs on civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the 6th  and 9th August 1945.


Message sent by LALIT


LALIT in Mauritius sends our revolutionary greetings for the 59th Antiwar Assembly taking place on 1st August 2021. The appeal document circulated by the executive committee for the Antiwar Assembly rightly exposes the constant tug of war between imperialist powers fighting for the self-interest of their corporations even as the Covid-19 pandemic still spreads and causes suffering all over the world. 

We live in times when humanity itself is threatened by both its annihilating capacity for war and its equally annihilating capacity to ruin the planet by pollution and by encroachment on the space left for other species, which in turns increases the danger from new viruses like the present one causing the Covid-19 pandemic. Capitalism, instead of providing solutions to war and to the pillage of our natural environment, stokes them. So, we need our struggles towards the overthrow of this cruel class system.

In these times, we have, unusually, been getting almost daily news about Japan. In particular, we get news of the rising Covid infections in Tokyo as the coming Olympic Games due to be held in Japan, approach. A small Mauritian delegation will be present. There are also the ongoing Court hearings about the wreck of the Japanese ship, the Wakashio, in 2020. The plight of the ordinary sea-men on the ship, inter alia, became evident during the on-going hearings.

In Mauritius, too, though the people warded off the first wave quite well by means of an understanding of public health measures, we are now facing a second wave of Covid-19 infections before even reaching 50% of adults vaccinated, and at the same time facing a deepening of the existing, grave economic crisis. Capitalist enterprises are desperately looking for support from the Government, which is using massive public funds to bail them out. This reminds us, in stark terms, of what the State can do to get its hands on “funds”; when working people demand something, the Government says “there is no money”. However, in the end, as is inevitably the case until revolutionary mobilization, it is workers and poor people who are made to carry the burden of the crises of capitalism, including this one. Jobs lost are increasing, what with enterprises going bancrupt; the Mauritian Rupee is depreciated to favour capitalist enterprises in the exportation sector. This depreciation of the Rupee has considerably increased the price of basic commodities, which are largely imported, and make up a big proportion of the budget of workers and poor people, who are disproportionately harmed by the measure. Jobs are not being created in sectors that will ensure food sovereignty and health protection for the people; instead, the Government is recruiting massively in the repressive forces to add more policemen to prepare to impose repression during this crisis.

Land resources in Mauritius are being ruined by real estate businesses for profit, and the sea’s resources are being illegally exploited by foreign fishing vessels. For us in LALIT, resources such as the land and sea should be sustained, while being used to ensure food production in a way that respects this sustainability, thus creating both sustainable jobs, and ensuring food sovereignty, while ensuring housing for everyone in the working class.

Our struggle to close down the US military base Diego Garcia, part of the Chagos Archipelago, which is part of the Republic of Mauritius, has moved a step or two ahead this year. First in January, the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea made a binding judgment that Chagos, including Diego Garcia is indeed no longer British, therefore illegally leased by Britain to the USA for its base. Second the Mauritian government announced in its Budget that it will organise a trip to Chagos led by the Prime Minister; this was amongst demands which LALIT has campaigned on since 1998. So, with the UN General Assembly resolution condemning the UK’s illegal occupation of Chagos, this planned visit, if ever taken seriously by the Government will further add to pressure for UK to end its illegal occupation of Chagos, and for US imperialists to close down their military base there. The UK and US are also to be held responsible for cleaning up the pollution done to the ecosystem in the Chagos Archipelago’s sea and land, to make it a safe place for Chagossians and people in Mauritius to live in and visit.

Our mutual struggles against wars, against poverty and oppression, are reinforced through building international solidarity around networks of organisations working towards revolutionary changes for a more equal society.LALIT admires your strong conviction and sends our wishes for a safe and successful 59th Antiwar Assembly, which is taking place in this difficult time of dual economic and health crises.Long live the international workers’ struggle!Long live the struggle for socialism!