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LALIT Reminds you – Register as elector now!


As you know, everyone has to check every year, when the Electors’ Roll is renewed, that their name is on the list. 

So, we are gently reminding you to do so in the next few days. The deadline was due to be 31 July, but the it has been extended for one week until 6 AUGUST; the extension is so as to accommodate anyone who might have been in a Covid “Red Zone”, or otherwise disturbed by the Covid epidemic, the Electoral Commissioner announced.

Voting is an important part of the little democracy that has been fought for and won through past struggles. Protect it! Fight for more democracy at the same time!


If you have already been on the Register and have not changed address, you have four choices, on how to check and confirm that all is well in 2021:


you just send an SMS to number 789 as follows:

elec [Your Identity Card Number]

i.e.  elec [and a space] then your National Identity Card Number.

We have been doing this exercise on-the-spot in our LALIT branch meetings, and have found that we get a reply either immediately or within a minute or so. It works.

This costs you 50 cents.

[However a test done in the middle of the day on Sunday 1st of August this did not work on MT, but it did work on Emtel]


you can check free if you go on to the site of the Electoral Commissioner’s Office and click on the box that says: 

“Are you Registered as an Elector?” And check this way.

OR, you go to the nearest centre – a couple in all 21 constituencies plus Agalega – being used for Registration (list below, see exact time in official communiqué below – Lil Moris 4:00 a 5:30 pm; Lil Rodrig 3:30 a 5:00 pm)

Or you can go in person to the Electoral Commissioner’s office in Port Louis (see address and opening hours below in official notice)


Anyone who has just turned 18 years old, or has not yet registered for any other reason, or has changed name or address needs to Register as an elector NOW. All you have to do is to go to one of the Centres (see places and exact opening hours below) or to the Electoral Commissioner’s office in Port Louis (See address below) and present your ID Card, or your birth certificate as well as a proof of address, like an electricity or water bill.


For all the shortcomings in the electoral system, and in the democracy we have in place, we must remember that the right to vote was fought for hard, and hard won, and that we must preserve it. In times when there is a push from the extreme right-wing against democracy, we need to be aware of dangers of things getting less democratic. At the same time, we must continue the struggle to extend our democratic rights further in the future. In particular, we need the National Assembly to be strengthened relative to the executive and the electors to get more power relative to those elected. See and search for “electoral reform” or “reform elektoral” for detailed proposals on what demands could bring this kind of progress. 


For Constituencies No. 1 to 20 and Local Government Areas of Mauritius 

Notice is hereby given that any person who claims to be entitled to be registered as an elector and who is not already on the electors' list for any of the above mentioned electoral areas, or who, being entered on such list, shall not retain the same qualification as described in that list or shall otherwise be incorrectly entered on that list, may appear before the registration officer of the aforesaid electoral areas and present his claim to be registered, or to be correctly registered, on or before 31 July, 2021 [ extended to 6 AUGUST]. 
Forms are obtainable, free of charge, from the registration officer, from 16 to 31 
July, 2021 inclusively, [extended to 6 AUGUST] 

(a) at the Office of the Electoral Commissioner, MaxCity Building, corner Remy Ollier and Louis Pasteur Streets, Port Louis between the hours of 9.00 am and 5.30 pm on weekdays and between 9.00 am and 1.00 pm on Saturdays; 
(b) at the Registration Centres shown hereunder, between the hours of 4.00 pm and 5.30 pm on weekdays and between 9.00 am and 1.00 pm on Saturdays:- 

Constituency Centres Address 
No. 1 - Grand River North West and Port Louis West 
1. Residence Vallijee Community Centre 6, Wagner Avenue, Residence Vallijee, Port Louis 
2. Pointe aux Sables Community Centre Royal Road, Pointe aux Sables 
3. Camp Chapelon Community Centre Camp Chapelon, Pailles 

No. 2 - Port Louis South and Port Louis Central 

Office of the Electoral Commissioner MaxCity Building ,Cr. Remy Ollier & Louis Pasteur Streets, Port Louis 

No. 3 - Port Louis Maritime and Port Louis East 
1. Office of the Electoral Commissioner MaxCity Building, Corner Remy Ollier and Louis Pasteur Streets, Port Louis 
2. Tsunami Centre in Agalega (19 July, 24 July & 31 July) 
Vingt Cinq Village, Agalega North 

No. 4 - Port Louis North and Montagne Longue 
1. Long Mountain Social Welfare Centre, Royal Road, Long Mountain 

No. 5 - Pamplemousses and Triolet 
1. Triolet Social Welfare Centre Royal Road, 8th Mile, Triolet 
2. Terre Rouge Multi-Purpose Complex Royal Road, Terre Rouge 
3. Calebasses Village Hall School Lane, Calebasses 

No. 6 - Grand Baie and Poudre D’Or 
1. The Grand Bay Village Hall La Salette Road, Grand Baie 
2. Goodlands Social Welfare Centre Royal Road, Goodlands 

No. 7 - Piton and Riviere du Rempart 
1. Rivière du Rempart Social Welfare  Centre Maurel Road, Rivière du Rempart 
2. Piton Social Welfare Centre Royal Road, Piton 

No. 8 - Quartier Militaire and Moka 
1. St. Pierre Social Welfare Centre, Royal Road, St.Pierre 
2. Quartier Militaire Village Hall Royal Road, Quartier Militaire 
3. Bois Cheri Multi Purpose Hall, Bois Cheri Road, Moka 

No. 9 - Flacq and Bon Accueil 
1. Flacq Women Empowerment Centre, Nr. Auguste Volaire Stadium,  Central Flacq 
2. Brisée Verdière Social Welfare Centre, Royal Rd., Brisée Verdière 

No. 10 - Montagne Blanche and Grand River South East 
1. Montagne Blanche Social Welfare Centre, Royal Road, Montagne Blanche 
2. Bel Air Social Welfare Centre Royal Road, Bel Air

No. 11 – Vieux Grand 
Port and Rose Belle 
1. Old Grand Port Village Hall Royal Road, Old Grand Port 
2. Rose Belle Social Welfare Centre, Royal Road, Rose Belle 

No. 12 - Mahebourg and Plaine Magnien 
1. Beau Vallon Community Centre Royal Road, Beau Vallon 
2. Plaine Magnien Social Welfare Centre, Royal Road, Plaine Magnien 

No. 13 - Riviere des Anguilles and Souillac 
1. Grand Bois Social Welfare Centre Royal Rd., Grand Bois 
2. Rivière des Anguilles Community Centre, La Barraque St., Rivière des Anguilles 


No. 14 - Savanne and Black River 
1. Chemin Grenier Social Welfare Centre, Royal Rd., Chemin Grenier 
2. Tamarin Youth Centre Morc. Carlos Rd., Tamarin 
3. Bambous Youth Centre La Ferme, Bambous 

No. 15 - La Caverne and Phoenix 
1. Paillotte Gymnasium and Multipurpose Complex, Syed Hossen Ave., Mon Désir, Paillotte 
2. Palmerstone Multipurpose Complex Palmerstone Rd., Phoenix 
3. Camp Fouquereaux Social Welfare, Centre Shri Shamboonath Rd., Camp Fouquereaux 

No. 16 - Vacoas and Floreal 
Tres Bon Community Centre Tres Bon No. 1 Road, Vacoas 
Floreal Social Welfare Centre Sir Pierre Simonet Street, Floreal 
Allée Brillant Community Centre, Champagne Lane, Allée Brillant 

No. 17 - Curepipe and Midlands 
1. Camp Caval Community Centre, Camp Caval, Curepipe 
2. La Brasserie Community Centre La Brasserie Rd., Cité La Brasserie, Forest Side 

No. 18 - Belle Rose and Quatre Bornes 
1. Dr. James Burty David Multipurpose Complex, Sodnac Ave., Quatre Bornes 
2. Belle Rose Municipal Hall Royal Rd., Belle Rose 
3. Marie Marot Hall Cnr Murray and Antelme Ave., Quatre Bornes 

No. 19 - Stanley and Rose Hill 

1. Trèfles Community Centre Guy Rozemont Street, Trèfles, Rose Hill 
2. Plaisance Community Centre Pigeot Ave., Plaisance, Rose Hill 

No. 20 - Beau Bassin and Petite Rivière 
1. Mont Roches Social Welfare Centre Raymond Rivet Street, Mont Roches 
2. Petite Rivière Village Hall, Royal Road, Petite Rivière 
3. Colonel Maingard Community, Centre Colonel Maingard Street, Beau Bassin

Other details can be checked on