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LALIT Receives May Day Messages from Four Continents


In line with our tradition, LALIT shares Labour Day greetings with political organizations we have links with all over the world. This year we have received messages from four continents: Africa (Namibia and South Africa), Asia (Japan), Europe (France, Turkey and UK), and the Americas (the USA). Some of these organizations we met at international political conferences, like the 4th International, others we met in the international movement against imperialist military bases. One we have been in contact with since before we were even a political party, and were the group called Lalit de Klas, from when they were called Ligue Communiste Revolutionnaire now Nouveau Parti Revolutionnaire). Then we exchange publications and documents. In the case of Lutte Ouvriere we have, on two occasions, sent delegates to their annual working class Fete, a rich experience for any revolutionary. 

This exchange of messages is a way of keeping up the internationalist spirit that has characterised Labour Day from its birth and throughout its history. Today, with the health and economic crises world-wide, it is more than ever necessary to keep up this kind of internationalist co-operation, and to amplify it and also to strengthen the working class so that the capitalist class and their governments do not shift the burden of these crises on to the working class. The original English and French languages versions are at the end of the compilation, translated into Kreol for our members and supporters.

You can read them all on our web-site in the “documents” section. Just click on “documents” on the home-page or, if on a mobile phone, first click on the four horizontal bars on the top right-hand corner, then on “documents”.