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LALIT is publishing a letter sent today to the Minister of Housing, Steve Obeegadoo to remind him that at his request on two occasions, dossiers on asbestos housing were sent to him but up to now no reply was received. 

In the letter below,  LALIT reiterates our central demand for the government to publish a timetable for the removal of dangerous asbestos houses  and their replacement with safe housing. 

To the Minister of Housing

Hon Steve Obeegadoo

Dear Sir,

When you were first named Housing Minister, you requested LALIT to send you a dossier on the housing issue, which we promptly did with emphasis on the issue of asbestos housing (9 Dec 2019). The letter contained annexes with details on this dangerous situation that families continue to suffer.

The letter also mentioned and included the three official documents that situate the Government’s responsibility to replace, and not just destroy, these housing units: 

1.  Ombudsperson for Children’s Report, 2017-2018 

2.  Truth and Justice Commission 2011, Volim 1 (Annex 4)

3.  Dr Sibartie of the Health Ministry’s Report, 2006 (Annex 5)

You did not reply to our letter.

Just before your National Forum earlier this year, a forum which turned out not to have been a forum, and in the context of its approach, we sent a second dossier to you, dated 11 August 2020. We also asked for details of your plan to replace asbestos housing that you announced publicly on MBC News on the 4th of March this year when you were on a site visit in Dubrueil, part of your Constituency.

Again we received no reply. We are putting this on record. Our central demand remains unchanged:

- Publish a time-table for the demolition and reconstruction of all these houses. People living in them agree to repayments/rent for their lifetime use of the new housing.

Yours sincerely,

Rajni Lallah and Rada Kistnasamy