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Translation of Trotsky Text on Materialist Dialectics


In 1939, Leon Trotsky wrote a short text on the difference between previous “rationality” developed during the whole history of Western philosophy and science, and the kind of logic enhanced by dialectics and in particular by the dialectics of the material world that represented a new way of seeing reality that began in the 19th Century.

What was new to the West did already exist in Eastern philosophies, we could mention. 

Anyway, what characterizes this short text written to help people understand the rise of fascism – it is just 3 pages – is the simplicity and accuracy of Trotsky’s explanation. He was after all not just a great philosopher and one of the greatest writers ever by 1939, but had been a leader of the great Russian Revolution (1905 - 1925) and even a brave military leader and hero in the Civil War against the Russian Tsar’s supporters and 10 pro-capitalist armies that support the rule-by-tyrant.

Alain Ah Vee has translated this text into Kreol for you. 

It is in the “Documents” section, called the ABC of Materialist Dialectics. If you are reading on a cell-phone, just press the three little bars on your screen, and the documents section should pop up on a menu. If you are on a computer, you can usually see “Documents” both on the top and on the right-hand side of your screen.

You’ll enjoy reading this.

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