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LALIT comments on the National Human Rights Commission


In an exclusive document published in Le Mauricien of this Saturday 19th July 2003, Lalit, through the pen of Lindsey Collen, comments on the National Human Rights Commission. In a whole newspaper's page, Lalit comments on some of the conclusions reached by the NHRC and its suggestions.

Lalit is in the forefront of the human rights struggle in Mauritius. Its militants have been particularly involved in the campaign against police violence.

This article can be viewed at and will be posted in the Documents section of on Monday. Here is the introduction of todays article:

"When the National Human Rights Commission was set up by the National Assembly, Paul Berenger, then in the Opposition, criticized the law, saying a Supreme Court Judge would not have the right "mind set" to be Chairman of the Commission. That has certainly turned out to be true. However, after two years facing the cruel realities his new job exposes him to, Judge Seetulsing in his recently released second Annual Report has come up with a list of interesting proposals - even if his argumentation often betrays that his "mind set" has not changed."