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LALIT Receives International Messages for Labour Day


LALIT has received seven international messages with greetings for Labour Day 2020 – under lockdown during the epidemic – from all over the world. We are sure you will be interested to read them. Just go to the “Documents” Section of the site (you will either see it at the top or on the side of your screen, or on a cell-phone, you can click on the three bars to open a menu which will show it and click) to read them.

It is wonderful to have vistas opened up by all these messages from South Africa, France, Japan, the USA, namibia, the UK and Turkey. From Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. 

 Internationalism, more than ever before, what with capitalism as a truly international system of exploitation, is essential as part of the struggle for socialism. We know what happens to “socialism in one country”. It gets encircled by capitalist blocades and armies, accelerating the tendency for a leadership to impose repression as a short-cut to mobilization of the broad masses of the people.

 Long live internationalism!