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UNESCO Literacy Award to Ledikasyon pu Travayer


Mauritius celebrated international literacy day this year, with heighten excitement due to the awarding of the International Reading Association Literacy Award presented to Ledikasyon pu Travayer (LPT). A week-long exhibition of LPT pedagogy during a workshop in Grand River North West in Port Louis. Included within the workshop were book promotions written in the mother-tongue, as well as numerous radio programmes and press interviews on adult literacy.

On the 7th of September LPT announced the winner of the LPT sponsored literacy contest including novels, plays, poetry, , translations, short stories in the mother language, of Mauritian Kreol and a special prize for a woman writer.

Emmanuel Richon’s book launch took place on the 10th September. His book was written in the mother tongue and French. Emmanuel Richon evaluated the methodology of modern etymology, and its application into the lexicon of Mauritian Kreol.

A day of celebrations with speeches and cultural events, for all those who have links with LPT, with a ‘bring-and-share lunch’ on the 12th September.
(Source : UNESCO 2004)