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Program on Freedom


LALITs most recent Pamphlet in its Program series (published by Lagazet Lalit de Klas) is called FREEDOM. This represents Lalits programmatik ideas and demands around the idea of freedom and in opposition to repression. The booklet is bi-lingual, the first half in Mauritian Kreol and the second half is a translation into English.

The first part of the booklet is an anlysis of freedom, and the second part is a series of demands under different headings

*Freedom in general

*Freedom at work


*Social and ecnomic freedoms

*Public space must be freed for free movement

*Freedom from war, occupation and from imperialism

*Freedom relies on increasing democracy constantly

The last section is a list of LALIT publications dealing with the quest for freedom.

The booklet is available at Rs 10 plus postage.

It is the fifth in the series. The other four are:

*LALITs program on womens liberation

*Lalits program on language

*Lalits program of working class demands

*Lalits program on Ecology and the Environment

These booklets do not replace our previous programs, but are to be taken in addition to the ongoing programmatik work of the party. Each of these new programs is discussed in a plenary weekly meeting of members, and then a draft circulates in all the branches for amendments, additions, and refinements. Only then is there another plenary which proposes the adoption of the Program, which the Central Committee then checks and adopts. Even then, we consider the Program to be something ongoing, never cast in rock.