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MMM-MSM destroy VIllage Councils so as to tax villagers


LALIT has launched a poster-sticking-up campaign in rural areas, opposing the new Local Government Act.

The slogan reads: MSM-MMM finn kraz Konsey Vilaz pu taxe Vilazwa. (MSM-MMM have destroyed Village Councils so as better to tax rural people.) The aim of the poster is to inform people of the devious way in which rural democracy has been destroyed, to allow an unjust taxation of the poor.

The poster is the traditional LALIT style where colours melt into each other. The background is red, yellow and white and the slogan is black on the pale colours and reverse on the red. There is a vice crushing the words “Konsey Vilaz” from each side.

So far the posters are already up in Mahebourg, Rosebelle, Flacq, Quartier Militaire, St Pierre, Moka, Mount Ory, Bambous, Petite Riviere, Richelieu.

LALIT has had a long campaign opposing the abolition of elected Village Councils, and against taxing the poor, whether rural or urban. We have also said that the new law is in flagrant contradiction with an electoral promise to bring more decentralization. The MSM and MMM have brought about draconian centralization. They have abolished village representation, and then instituted a new tax.