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Bicycle and Pedestrian “Feeder” paths from Coromandel Station to near Foyer, Petite Riviere


Open Letter from LALIT to Prime Minister, Hon. Pravind Jugnauth

Re: Bicycle and Pedestrian “Feeder” paths from Coromandel Station to near Foyer, Petite Riviere

Dear Sir,

In the context of the Metro Express feeder networks and parking lots that rightly aim to decrease the use of fossil fuel vehicles, and in the context of the stated “national bicycle policy framework” mentioned in the Program Speech on 24 January 2020, as well as in the context of the physical health and well-being of us all, we in the Richelieu Branch, on behalf of LALIT, would like to propose the following development:

1. The construction of a dual path – bicycle lane on the outer edge and pedestrian lane alongside on the inner edge – all the way, uninterrupted by traffic, from the area of the Foyer Fiat on the outskirts of Petite Riviere (towards the Gros Cailloux side) on the land that makes the border on the Eastern side of Petite Riviere and Cite Richelieu up to the Coromandel Metro Station. (See Google map and photo enclosed). The walking time is estimated at 20 to 30 minutes. No motorized, including electric, vehicles should be allowed.

2. More safe space with locks for parking bicycles at the Coromandel Station.

3. Designation of one part of a Metro carriage for parking bicycles during the ride. Interestingly, this was so on the old train system in Mauritius. And it is so in many countries today.

This will be of immediate use to Petite Riviere and Richelieu people, esp. workers and students.

The plan should also include parking at the outer end (near the Foyer Fiat) so that people from Albion, Gros Cailloux, Canot and Bambous, for example, can benefit from this bicycle and pedestrian path if they can transport their bicycles to the Parking spot, then ride (or walk, jog, run) to the Coromandel Station. The plan can later be extended to Bambous. There is already the beginning of a bicycle and pedestrian pathway constructed by Medine from Bambous to Cascavelle Mall to help with further extensions.

This development could become the national prototype.

Yours sincerely,


Laval Yves and Ragini Kistnasamy (Signed copy as attachment)

Richelieu Branch of LALIT, through Political Bureau

153 Main Rd, GRNW.    208 5551.

Copy to:  Minister of Public Infrastructure, Mr. Alan Ganoo, Economic Development Board.

                The Press.





Let Uver LALIT a Premye Minis, Hon Pravind Jugnauth

Santye Bisiklet ek Pyeton kuma “Feeder” depi Stasyon Coromandel ziska Fwaye, Petite Riviere


Ser Misye Premye Minis,

Dan kad Metro Express ek so rezo “feeder” ek parking ki, avek rezon, pe rod diminye masinn ki rule ar lesans/dyezel, e dan kad politik pu enn “Polisi Nasyonal Bisiklet” kuma finn mansyone dan Diskur Program le 24 Zanvye 2020, osi byin ki dan kad lasante fizik ek byinet pu lapopilasyon, nu dan Brans Richelieu, lor nom LALIT, pe fer propozisyon pu enn proze kuma enn prototip pu pei:


1. Konstriksyon enn santye dub – pu bisiklet lor rebor extern e pu pyeton akote dan rebor intern – depi prekot Foyer Fiat ki truv dan finisyon Petite Riviere (dan direksyon ver Gro Cailloux) tutolong terin kote lest Petite Riviere ek Cite Richelieu ziska Stasyon Metro Coromandel. (Get map google map atase). Fode pa ena okenn veykil motorize, mem elektrik lor santye la, e fode pa li krwaz okenn lot sime.

2. Plis plas an-sekirite pu parking bisiklet dan Stasyon Coromandel.

3. Deziyn enn seksyon enn saryo Metro pu park bisiklet pandan vwayaz. Remarke ki ti deza ena sa dan ansyin sistem trin Moris. E li existe dan lezot pei.

Sa pu tutswit enn fasilite pu tu abitan Petite Riviere ek Richelieu, sirtu travayer ek etidyan.

Plan la bizin inklir parking pu loto dan kote Foyer Fiat pu ankuraz abitan depi Albion, Gros Caillous, Canot, Bambous, par examp, kit zot 4x4 ubyin lot masinn e mont zot bisiklet, swa marse, fer jogging, renning. Sa santye pu bisiklet ek pu pyeton kapav, dan enn dezyem tan, al pli lwin, dizon ziska Bambous. Deza ena kumansman enn santye bisiklet/pyeton ki Medine finn konstrir depi Bambous ziska Morl Cascavelle, ki pu ede avek extansyon sa fasilite la.

Sa devlopman ant Petite Rivière ek Stasyon Coromandel pu kuma enn prototip pu plan nasyonal.



Laval Yves and Ragini Kistnasamy

Brans Richelieu LALIT, atraver Biro Politik

153 Main Rd, GRNW.    208 5551.

Kopi:       Minister of Public Infrastructure, Mr. Alan Ganoo, Economic Development Board.

                The Press.