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Role of Speaker - Multi-party Consensus re Kreol Language in National Assembly


LALIT has pleasure in publishing a letter Ledikasyon pu Travayer sent to the new Speaker of the National Assembly concerning the Stennding Orderz in Kreol Repiblik Moris. In the letter, copies to the two Whips, LPT calls on him in his unique position as Speaker to take note that all parties in the National Assembly are now, at long last, aligned on a single position: Republic of Mauritius Kreol (KRM) must be allowed as one of the languages of the National Assembly. 

Here is the LPT letter:

For the Attention of Mister Speaker, Soorooj Phokeer, 

Dear Sir,

Re: Standing Orders in Mauritian Kreol

Our Association, Ledikasyon pu Travayer, translated the Standing Orders into Mauritian Kreol a few years back, and we sent a copy to the then speaker, Ms. Maya Hanoomanjee.   

Now that you have been elected Speaker for the New National Assembly, and now that all major political currents have taken a stand in favour of the introduction of Mauritian Kreol as one of the languages used in the Naitonal Assembly, we have pleasure in submitting the text to you. (See enclosed Word Document.)[

It is a unique moment in history when all the parties in the National Asssembly have taken a stand. This means there is consensus to go ahead. As Speaker you are in a key position to help move forward with this important democratization process. 

 As you know, the new President of the Republic has spoken favourably on the issue, reinforcing what Ministers in the new government have already said in public.

 Nearly 18 months have now passed since the introduction of live-and-direct TV retransmission of the National Assembly. Communication with the people of the country, as well as amongst MPs, will be much more fluid and precise if the mother-tongue is also used. This year it is 52 years since Independence. Perhaps it could be the occasion for this momentous historic decision to be taken?

 The technical issues, like producing good transcriptions into text form of oral Kreol data, naturally have to go through the process of building up a data-base as we go along. The bigger the data-base gets, the better the transcriptions will be. This may mean doing manual transcription as well as automatic, during the time-period when the data-base is being built up. Supreme Court transcribers have followed Open University Courses in transcribing Mauritian Kreol, and perhaps National Assembly staff might follow similar courses.

 Our Draft translation of the Standing Orders, is also a significant step in resolving technical issues.

 With the kind of all-party consensus that now exists on the issue, a multi-party Technical Committee could perhaps be set up by you, in agreement with the executive Branch, in order to resolve any technical issues standing in the way of the introduction of the Kreol language, and the Committee could be given a delay of, say, 6 months to come up with solutions.

 What do you think?

 Best wishes from all members of Ledikasyon pu Travayer,

Alain Ah Vee


CC Government Chief Whip, Hon. Naveena Ramyad and Opposition Whip, Hon Shakeel Mohamed.