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Rajni Lallah and Rada Kistnasamy Political Broadcast on eve of elections


Rada Kistnasamy and Rajni Lallah presented LALIT’s final MBC TV political broadcast. Here is a quick translation of their talk.

 Rada Kistnasamy;

Good evening!

You have followed the campaign. You have seen candidates from the different parties come before you. Often they have promised that, once elected, they will take decisions that will change your lives. 

You will also have heard sectarian organizations come and appeal to you on ethno-religious grounds. LALIT condemns this kind of divisive politics. 

You have witnessed the abuse the outgoing Government has made of the MBC. 

And you have seen desperado leaders: Jugnauth, Ramgoolam, Duval, Berenger – who have their political futures at stake. Each has come before you to announce “measures”, random promises, made in a desperate attempt to survive, politically. The Alliance Morisien and the Alliance Nationale have tried to out-do one another in their desperation. On social media they have published “revelations” of their adversary’s scandals.

 The MMM has claimed that it has clean hands. And that it walks head held high, which will only  last a few days. We predict that, after the results, Berenger will come and say that “in the interests of the country” he will join a coalition, though today he is calling his adversaries corrupt and dirty. He, too, is playing for his political survival.

 These three blocks have not explained what they intend to do, faced with the crises in different major economic sectors. As for us in LALIT, we have!

 They have not explained how they intend to create stable employment by the thousand for the jobless, especially young people. We, by contrast, have!

 They have given no plan of how to use the land for things like the production of bio food crops, instead of keeping alive the cane industry that is in its death throes, or instead of subsidizing real estate scams.

 They have no plans for developing the fishing sector on a large scale basis that respects the environment.

 LALIT has a program that responds to the crisis that working people and poor people are facing today.

 We have come forward and explained how our party envisions the future, and done so in detail.

 In these elections LALIT is the only left party.

 We alone bear the flag for a socialist alternative. And we do so in the face of the 3 blocks that all represent capitalist interests.

 Tomorrow when you go and vote, vote for LALIT first.


Rajni Lallah

In tomorrow’s election, you get the change to influence politics for after the elections. It is a rare occasion when as a voter you can protest against the political bankruptcy of Jugnauth, Ramgoolam, Duval, Berenger.

 At the same time, it is also a rare chance to vote for a party that gives hope for the future.

 You have heard us talking about our program.

 You have heard us tell of ongoing LALIT campaigns, together with the working class, women, fisher folk, the homeless, those living in asbestos housing, on the basis of our pre-existing political program. Over the past 30 or more years, we have never made an alliance with any pro-capitalist party. We have remained loyal to our socialist program.

 Remember your vote counts.

 Each LALIT vote gives added strength to the political struggle that will be necessary after the elections.

 We have fielded 24 candidates, half women, half men, in all 20 constituencies. We have at least one candidate in each constituency. Check on your ballot paper whether there are one, two or three LALIT candidates. Check our symbol – two work tools crossed over, representing unity of rural and urban workers. Put your cross next to the symbol.

 First, cast a vote for LALIT!

 And if you agree with what we are saying, if you agree with our program, we invite you to join LALIT.

 Give a hand to add that bit of extra strength to the opposition that you have, together with us, already begun to build. Give a hand to construct our Party. This way, together we will bring about real social change.