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Rada Kistnasamy – LALIT Political Broadcast on the Choices at the Coming Election


This is a translation into English of what Rada Kistnasamy said in LALIT’s opening broadcast time on TV. We were given 6 spots between 4 and 6 minutes each.

 Good evening to all those watching and listening to us.

 LALIT is in these elections. We have 24 candidates, at least one in each of the 20 constituencies on Mauritius Island. We call for a vote for all our candidates.

 Our candidates are standing on the basis of a program. We were the first to publish our program, from the minute Parliament was dissolved. [Other parties publish lists of measures, after they have published their lists of candidates!]

 What do we see opposing our politics?

There are the three big blocks that are running 60 candidates with the aim of forming the next Government. But, with the unusual three-way split, it is not at all certain that one will get an overall majority. So, there is a risk we end up with a mixed bag Coalition, whoever people vote for.

 Their campaigns are based only on exposing the abuses of power of their adversaries, on the one hand, and on lists of isolated “measures”, on the other. They make no attempt to so much as look at the real problems facing people, nor to come up with proposals.

 Do we hear them explaining:

- How they intend to use the countries resources? How to develop the land and the use the sea? How they will create jobs by the thousand? How they will get food crops planted and set up factories to preserve the produce for export and for food security?

Do we hear them explaining:

- What to replace the sugar industry with? This sector that is dying, after years of crisis?

Do we hear them explaining:

- The need to use Kreol as medium in schools, and as a language of Parliament?

Do we hear them explaining:

- The generalized housing shortage, how people are living cramped in “inheritance houses”, or even the problem of dangerous housing in asbestos? There are over 2,000 families that live in this kind of housing. All these parties have been in Government at one time or other and have done nothing except for “survey” after “survey”.

Do we hear them explaining:

- Clear proposals to deal with the ecological crisis and problems of the environment?

 Do we hear them explaining:

- How exactly they intend to continue the struggle over Chagos and how to get the base on Diego Garcia closed?

Do we hear them explaining:

- Women’s rights issues?

 For this election, the three blocks have put up 12 women candidates our of their 60, or 20%, while LALIT has put up 11 women of our 24 candidates or 46%. This means over twice their percentage.

- And what exactly is their position on decriminalizing abortion?

Do we hear them explaining:

- How they intend to increase democracy, by for example introducing the right of recall via electoral petition?

By contrast, in LALIT

We were the first party to publish our program. It is 55 pages, not just a list of measures. We have clear proposals on all these subjects, alongside a report on what we have done in our campaigns on these subjects over the past five years. We don’t sit around waiting for elections to come.

 LALIT is always in action on the ground, through mobilization. We struggle together with you for a society that is more equal, more just. In this election, each vote for LALIT counts.

 So, we call for you to vote LALIT this election.

 We are in all constituencies.

 See our symbol – Billhook crossed with a hammer, signifying unity of town and country workers.

Thank you.

(Broadcasted MBC-TV 29.10.2019)