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Le Mauricien – LALIT sends mise-au-point


In an epoch when the social media, as well as allowing enormous possibilities for the spread of sound information, also spreads inaccuracies, fake news, deep fake, and other forms of inexactitudes or even manipulations, it is a time when we need to hold the traditional press (including radio/tv) to high standards. In this context, here is the content of a mise-au-point sent by LALIT today to Le Mauricien:

In the 30 October Le Mauricien on page 9, there is a short article on LALIT’s MBC program that must clearly have been written by an incompetent new stagiaire and then checked by an equally incompetent new proof reader. It manages to report LALIT’s representative, Rada Kistnasamy, saying that the sugar industry should go through a “relancement” – the word is actually printed in direct quotes – when he called for no less than a “ranplasman” of this dying industry. And then the article went on to refer to our supposed “combat contre l’avortement” when our candidate, Rada, had referred to the absence of position of other parties on the decriminalization of abortion.

Luckily the real version can be accessed on our Lalit Mauritius Facebook page.

This erroneous reporting follows another fabricated report – in 23 October edition on page 5 about Nomination Day – which we did not object to in writing but perhaps should have. Another of our candidates, Ragini Kistnasamy, spent hours trying to get hold of the reporter responsible to ask where they got the fabrication from. To no avail. This earlier report is quite pernicious. And it, too, uses direct quotes to attribute words to Ragini that were never spoken by her.  There were two witnesses at hand at the point de presse that day. A very different statement from what was published in Le Mauricien was, in fact, curiously, made to a Week-End reporter.

Thank you for printing this mise-au-point, so as to limit the prejudice caused us and our credibility. We think it important to clear this up as it concerns two programmatic issues that are central to our philosophy – doing away with the subsidies and reliance on cane and sugar, on the one hand, and getting the police and judiciary off the backs of women and young girls in difficulty, on the other hand.

Lindsey Collen


31 October, 2019

Sent at 9:10 am