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LALIT Candidates by Constituency with photographs – Click on Documents


LALIT’s 24 candidates are being introduced to electors via a special 4-page newspaper distributed by members in all constituencies. This beautiful newspaper is available on line now. There is a photograph of each candidate, as well as our program in brief. (Just click on the Documents Section on this LALIT website, and you will find the article: Eleksyon Zeneral 2019 – Kandida LALIT dan tule 20 Sirkonskripsyon.)

 Distribution is done sometimes by small local groups of LALIT members in a neighbourhood in the afternoons, or at other times like last Saturday morning when 10 members went to Goodlands and had a big distribution at the market. The same in Flacq when 14 members distributed leaflets at the market on Sunday.

 At the same time, we also distribute copies of our 55-page program to anyone who stops and is interested in more information about LALIT. Meanwhile, many people have contacted LALIT to express their appreciation of the LALIT program. One retired teacher who is also a sophisticated observer of local politics said it is the best program he has ever read. Another reader said he had read the entire program, and he thought there were one or two specific demands we need to add to the section on “sport” on page 49. Our member fixed a meeting for after the elections to discuss his suggestions. Young people and women like the program because it speaks to the environment in many sections, and to women’s interests throughout.