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Right of police officers to unionize: A Victory for LALIT


LALIT victories are often ignored. But when, in 2015, police officers were finally granted the right to be a member of a trade union, which was previously prohibited, this was in fact a huge victory for LALIT. We were literally the only political party to campaign for this over the decades. It was thought impossible. First Firemen (now firewomen, too) were given the right to unionize, then prison guards, and finally police officers. All, under the name of “disciplined forces” used to be prohibited from joining a union. As a sign of your support for the right of all these working people to unionize, in the coming general elections, and to acknowledge LALIT’s contribution to this change, you should consider voting for LALIT. Remember we have at least one candidate in all 20 constituencies.

 In 1982, this demand for the right to unionize for those in the “disciplined forces” was in our program called Labrez. We were the first political party to take a stance on this subject. Ever since then, this demand featured in our political programs. We also supported police associations when they had to face retaliation for speaking out, in the past. In a system where, high ranked police officers harass low ranked police officers, the right to be a member of a police union becomes of utmost importance and even shifts the bargaining power of low ranked officers vis-à-vis their high ranked superiors. This right to be a member of a police union becomes also pivotal as it will help low ranked police officers to fight and act against all sorts of abuse of power, cover-ups and police brutality.