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Warning Class I – Do Not Fall into U.S.A. Traps


Donald Trump’s Embassy in Port Louis is proceeding with indecent haste to infiltrate Mauritian society more deeply after its set-back at the United Nations over Diego Garcia.

 Having lost the UN General Assembly vote on Chagos on 22 May, the UK and USA waste no time on launching new offensives to tighten their ideological grip on a refractory Mauritius. The UK advertises another trip for Chagossians under close guard. Mandarin Jnr and Venkatassin Jnr both fall straight into the trap. The USA targets two other groups: “young people” and so-called “opinion leaders”.

 The USA proposes a two day Conference, 5-6 July for 18 – 25 year-olds. The theme is: “Youth Political Engagement”. So, the USA, an occupying power, organizes Mauritians on youth political engagement? It is outrageous.

 Young people may know no better. But what about the opinion leaders? They all go and fall into the trap, too?

 Here is the program:

Jocelyn Chan Low - “History of Mauritius from a Political Perspective”

Jean Claude de l’Estrac - “Mainstream Political Parties: History, Ideology, Evolution and Vision For The Future”

Roukaya Kasenally -  “The Electoral System: From Basics to Electoral Reform”

Malenn Oodiah - “From Mainstream Politics to Alter Politics”

Sedley Assonne  - “Les Chansons Engagées”

Milan Meetarbhan - “The Constitution, Key Legislations and the Operations of the National Assembly”

 The US Embassy had obviously “bat lamok”, what with its formula of “Due to popular demand and availability of a few more slots, we are pleased to extend the age limit for the free Youth Political Engagement Conference scheduled on July 5-6 to 18-25 years old.”

 We remind all participants that they should not be allowing themselves to be organized this way by the US Embassy, nor receiving anything from it. As the saying goes. there is no such thing as a free lunch.

 This is not just because the extreme right-winger Trump is in power. Though this should suffice for a refusal. In other countries, people have more scruples. Jeremy Corbyn, UK Opposition Leader, Sir Vince Cable Lib-Dem leader and John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons,  all refused an invitation from the Queen because of Trump’s mere presence. Trump and his Administration, including its Embassies, is mounting an organized international extreme-right onslaught, through people like Steve Bannon and his new organization “The Movement”, and together with fascists like Brazil’s Bolsanaro, Orban in Hungary, Salvini in Italy, Le Pen in France, Farage in the UK, and Duterte in Philippines. This political current shamelessly propagates racism, xenophobia, misogyny and generalized repression. It is an organized onslaught and must be resisted by us all at every step.

 For Mauritius there is an additional reason for any self-respecting person to refuse any invitation to a conference, or anything else, organized under the aegis of the US Embassy.

 The Republic of Mauritius is under illegal military occupation by the USA. We know that now for sure. We can no longer hide behind the fig-leaf of doubt. The highest UN Court, the International Court of Justice at The Hague, in February this year made it known in its Opinion to the General Assembly of the UN: the continued occupation of part of the Republic of Mauritius is “unlawful”; Britain has to get out fast; all other nations are obliged to help Britain withdraw fast. This Opinion was then on 22 May adopted for implementation by the General Assembly by a massive 116 to 6 votes. The Resolution specifies that the UK withdraw its colonial occupation from Chagos, including Diego Garcia which the USA occupies, thus permitting the re-unification of Mauritius within 6 months i.e. by 22 November 2019. Amongst the four miserable countries that voted with the UK and USA were Orban’s Hungary and Netanyahu’s Israel. Poor Maldives, in catastrophe mode, having changed UN Ambassador on the eve of the General Assembly vote, was dragged along. Despite all manner of attempts to bribe, bully and threaten other UN members states, the UK-USA alliance was trounced and left in desolate isolation.

 FYI here is some of the information that applicants had to supply the military occupying power, the USA, in order to be considered for this free conference:

 2 Full Name:   3 Date of Birth

4 Gender:  5. Residential Address: 6. Email Address

7. Mobile Number + Home  number

8 Occupation and institution (if student please specify school/university/field of study)

9 Highest education level and field of study

10  Are you a first-time voter? Yes/No

If no, please specify when was the last time you voted (by-elections or national elections)

11  Membership/Affiliation (cultural, political, community or other)

And then, for the free lunch presumably, they asked for any food restrictions or food allergies.

 Why do these Mauritian speakers and participants have to rely on the USA to speak to a few young people on such subjects? Is the colonization of their minds so advanced that they cannot organize even a simple event like this, by themselves? Or what?


4 June, 2019

Corrections made to dates mentioned and to some spelling at 8:02 pm on 4 June.