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List of over 440 Articles on Chagos and Diego Garcia on LALIT website


To help everyone with research, LALIT members have compiled a list of all the articles on the News Section of the LALIT website that are on Diego Garcia or Chagos or that refer to this struggle. As you know, the Diego Garcia issue is one of LALIT’s flagship campaigns. There are over 440 articles on the list. We know that this is a moment in history when many people are, perhaps for the first time, realizing the importance of the struggle on the Diego/Chagos issue.

 Just click on the article in the Documents Section of our home-page titled “Diego and Chagos: Compiled list of News Articles” or

use this link, or cut-and-paste it:

and you will get this wealth of information and analysis.

 In this single Document on our site, you can get easy reference to articles over the slice of time – 2003 to Febuary 2019. Of course, our struggle dates from 1976 and will continue. The articles listed are from only the News archives (which you can open by pressing the MORE button on the home-page at News.) So, the list does not include items from the other sections of the site like Documents, Programs, the magazine Revi LALIT, Audio or Video files.

 This Document, by listing all the articles, is a fantastic place to start, or to continue, research into Chagos or Diego Garcia. 

 To give an idea of the hits on our site. Over this time period, we have had some 10 million hits. (10,254,755 hits).

 And here is the pattern up to end of 2018.

2002             242 (Starting 8 June, 2003, over the six months while we were setting it up).

2003        17,161

2004        64,157

2005       103,801

2006       152,559

2007       111,569

2008       147,395

2009       264,325

2010       422,247 

2011       376,347

2012       362,401

2013       581,745

2014       900,000     (Estimate based on real figures for most individual months – we were changing web host, so our statistics did not overlap perfectly)

2015    1,400,000    (Ditto)

2016    1,744,227

2017    1,584,089

2018    1,955,920