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Rada Kistnasamy attends WOSA meeting in Cape Town


Rada Kistnasamy, a leading LALIT member, recently attended a WOSA meeting on the occasion of National Women's Day in South Africa. There were mainly women present, and women gave testimomny to the reality they live.

Rada Kistnasamy, unused to be present as a man, at a women's meeting, was asked to speak. He says it was as though he represented the Lalit Women's Commission! He spoke about the effects of globalization on the Export Processing Zone workers, who are mainly women, and the drastic factory closures at the end of the Multi-Fibre Agreement in a matter of months.

He also spoke of the decimation of rural agricultural employment through the so-called "Voluntary Retirement Scheme", and the effects of the drastic fall in sugar revenue being born by workers, many of whom are women.

He also spoke of the role of women in the struggle to close down the Diego Garcia base.