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Manif anti Bush in SA


Johannesburg 5 Ziyet 2003: plis ki 1,000 manifestan ti rasanble dan Library Gardens dan Sant Johannesburg, pu denons politik Bush ek pu dimande ki Prezidan M'Beki pa akeyir li. Apre rasanbleman ti ena enn lamars, ek bann delege ti remet enn memorandum a guvernman Sid Afrik. Manifestasyon ti organize par Anti War Coalition (AWC) ki regrup plis ki 300 lorganizasyon dan Sid Afrik.

Parmi bann ki ti pran laparol dan rasanbleman ti ena: Salim Vally (ki ti koz lor nom AWC), Lybon M'Basa (SOPA), Dennis Brutus (Jubilee South, ki finn deza rann nu vizit), Jane Duncan (Freedom of Expression Institute), ek bann reprezantan Anti Privatization Forum, Landless Peoples Movement, Keep Left, Palestine Solidarity, ek lezot.

Ram Seegobin ki ti dan Sid Afrik, finn osi pran laparol, lor nom LALIT. Ala enn extre diskur ki li ti fer:

" Comrades, I bring you solidarity greetings from the LALIT party in Mauritius, from all the militants, workers, poor people, youth, women, who are also standing up to struggle against US imperialism.

Earlier this year, in January, Bush was due to visit South Africa and Mauritius, in the context of the AGOA Forum, that bit of US legislation that we called "The Re-colonization of Africa Act". He did not come: Why?

Because he was too busy, along with Blair, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Wolfowich, Donald Rumsfeld, and the rest of the gangs of Washington and London, too busy planning the murder of the people of Iraq.

In Mauritius too we had prepared a reception committee to unwelcome Bush; why did we consider that he was not then welcome in Mauritius? Why do we consider that he is not welcome here now?

Bush represents today the naked and ugly face of US imperialism.

Mother Earth faces slow death under hot -house gasses: Bush and the US oil barons count their dollars and laugh all the way to the bank.

People in Africa and all over the world are dying of HIV-AIDS: Bush and the pharmaceutical multinationals count their dollars, and laugh all the way to the bank.
Women, children, and old people die under bombs and bullets in Afghanistan and Iraq: Bush and his merchants of war count their dollars and laugh all the way to the bank.
Bush is busy bribing and blackmailing governments into signing treaties that will guarantee immunity to American war criminals before the newly set-up International Criminal Court.

US imperialism has built one of the largest military base on the Island of Diego Garcia, in the Indian Ocean. This island was illegally detached from Mauritius by the British colonizer, is now illegally occupied by the US military. In Mauritius, LALIT has had a long campaign to demand the dismantling of that military base that represents a deadly menace to all the people in the region; later this year, we may organize to get a ship and visit that base and ask the US military to Bush off. It is now time that we build up a coordinated and strong movement in our region, to campaign for the dismantling of the Diego Garcia base, to campaign against the military presence of US imperialism in our region, to fight against US imperialism itself.

You, here in South Africa, and we, in Mauritius, have a special responsibility to lead this struggle because the governments of our countries are acting as agents of US imperialism: we must denounce them, we must fight Bush and his empire of evil.

No to George W, the son of a Bush.

Thank you comrades.