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Journalist Khashoggi murdered, Pravind Jugnauth reaction, MBC-TV role


Today it is 3 weeks since journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul. The MSM-ML Government has shockingly decided to ally with the killers.

Even as the terrifying details of the plot for the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia’s hit squad  to kill and dismember the mild Saudi critic emerge. Even as the Turkish State leaks even more details of the chilling assassination. Even as all over the world, countries and even private businesses are suspending their links with the hideous Saudi regime and the Crown Prince, himself. What happens in Mauritius? The Mauritian Prime Minister can be seen on MBC TV exchanging silence on the Saudi Arabia crimes in exchange for  Rs3.5 billion ($100 million).

So last night, the MBC-TV which usually reproduces with moronic precision the world headlines that the major Western TV stations broadcast, cut any reference to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, even as world media made it headlines. On MBC-TV, silence. We were informed about elections in Cameroun and Afghanistan, which would usually risk being ignored, as well as a storm and a caravan of migrants in Mexico, and also the long bridge between Hong Kong and China being opened. And nothing on the horrific murder by the Saudi Arabians inside their own Consulate, and the even more grisly details emerging yesterday. Instead, as if the Saudi monarchy is buying Mauritius’ silence, we saw Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth sitting there, surrounded by Ministers of Health, Housing and Sport, Husnoo, Jhugroo and Toussaint, as well as disgraced ex-Minister, still MSM MP, and best friend of the Crown Prince, Shawkutally Soodhun, all sitting there with the Crown Prince’s representative Khalid Bin Sulaiman Alkhudairy, who was no doubt tasked with finding a Government somewhere in the world abject enough to take money at this moment in time.

So working class and poor people in Mauritius are made to feel that the only way they can get a cancer hospital (the Medpoint hospital?), 1,050 units of housing, and a Sports Complex in times for the Indian Ocean Games, is to suck up to the murderer Regime of Saudi Arabia, even as the Pravind Jugnauth Government de-taxes the rich and wastes money on infrastructure for villas for millionaires.

But, instead of the usual MBC-TV cameras panning incessantly over Pravind “Kumar” Jugnauth, the bit showing him and his three Minister colleagues was so short, you could hardly see any of them. Shame exige. That is the limit of their lamur prop: that the MBC camera moves over their shamed faces real fast. On the other hand the camera lingers over poor Dev Manraj, the fall guy in the civil service, and on the other senior civil servant present, Mrs Kan Oye Fong Weng-Poorun. She is the very one too busy to give acknowledgements-of-receipt to 344 people on 6 July and 365 people on 5 October because, although all 709 letters were individual letters, they were written by people no doubt too poor to acknowledge the existence of, let alone acknowledge receipt of their correspondence.*

The camera also lingered lovingly on advisor Ken Arian.

Will this teach the civil servants and advisers a lesson?

 It comes as the Crown Prince, himself, is trying to escape blame for the murder, dismembering, and throwing away, of the journalist, by putting blame on his right hand men, Sandhurst-trained Deputy Intelligence Chief Gen. Ahmad al-Assiri and Royal advisor Saud al-Qahtani. Is this not stark enough a reminder that each human being has to take his or her own stand in life, and not just obey orders from above blindly?

 The Press in Mauritius has also been abject. When a well-known, top journalist, who wrote for the Washington Post, one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world, is murdered in cold blood, how much support have journalists in Mauritius given him? Other than a good editorial in L’Express last Thursday, and a clear stand taken again today in the same daily, there has been, as far as we have been able to follow, a deafening silence when it comes to taking position. The MBC, of course, has no self-respecting journalists, it seems. It has just propagandists who, on the very day when details of the murder make headlines all over the world, choose not to cover it in the news, and to show, instead the signing ceremony for the hush money. And even while showing the ceremony, MBC also manages to make it a very short, very wide-angle shot of the Ministers, and making Dev Manraj actually do the signing for the hush money. It is truly heart-rending.

 Please read LALIT’s main article dated 18 October, 2018**.

 But here are the main points, even as later today, the Turkish President has promised to share “the naked truth” with the whole world. Below is an outline of what the mainstream media world-wide has drawn from the carefully placed leaks from Turkish officials. Information is said to come from an 11-minute long audio recording, some video footage, as well as from CCTV camera footage, interviews with Turkish Consulate staff, and emerging forensic evidence. We will have to see what exactly the Turkish State decides to disclose, and we do not know what it might agree to hide, nor in exchange for what:

 - Journalist Jamal Khashoggi went into the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul on 2 October for his divorce papers, in preparation for his marriage to a Turkish woman, who was waiting for him outside the Consulate.

 - Before he went in a 15-man hit squad had arrived by private jets, and lay in wait for him inside the Consulate. It included top aides and a forensic pathologist, Salah Muhammad al-Tubaigy close to the Crown Prince, armed with a body saw.

 - The 25-or-so Turkish staff had been given the day off.

 - Mr Kashoggi never came out of the Consulate.

 - He was murdered within some 7 minutes, sawed up and disposed of in another 15 minutes, we are led to believe.

 - A Saudi agent look-alike, with a false beard and glasses, was sent out through the back door in Mr Khashoggi’s clothing but not in his shoes, clothing the man disposed of in a dustbin later.

 - A number of vans and cars with tinted windows came and went.

 - Cleaning and even painting teams went into the Consulate.

 - The Consul General invited journalists into the Consulate to check how everything was hunky dory.

 - The Turkish authorities are still searching for remains – possibly in a forest or nearby town – and also searching two vehicles that may be involved.

 - All the killers caught their private jets out of Turkey and back to Saudi Arabia via Egypt and Dubai, respectively.

 That is more-or-les the Turkish authorities unofficial version.

 The Saudi version changes. And it changes drastically, and without explanation. First Mr. Khashoggi left the Consulate. Nothing had happened. Then there was a brawl   or fisticuffs, and he was killed. Then he was killed in a choke-hold.

 Donald Trump has had to help the Saudi Arabians to try to cobble a “narrative”, with no success.

It is just a nightmare. The suffering of the family and friends and fiancée of Jamal Khashoggi is beyond imagination.

 And the impunity of the Saudi Royals is exposed naked.

 The geo-political ramifications are potentially immense. People world-wide will now joint calls to end the hideous war Saudi Arabia is waging on Yemen. The propping up of this dictatorial monarchy by the USA and UK for the past 50 years must now stop! The role of Saudi Arabia in 9/11 must be scrutinized – perhaps this will finally happen after the continued publication of evidence of Saudi official implication. Anyway, Donald Trump’s alliance with the Crown Prince and Netanyahu to run his Middle East policy has sure been challenged.

 LALIT stands with all journalists who work towards the truth, and rely on reason for explaining the world. 

[Uploaded as Erdogan’s speech begins on 23 October, 2018. We will see what he confirms with evidence.]


* See our article on this and our letter to her:

We announce, at the same time, the good news, that the civil service seems to have recognized that it can no refuse proper acknowledgements-of-receipt, because since Saturday dozens of people amongst the 365 who left individual letters after the second march have started to receive such acknowledgements by mail.