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LPT Teach-in on Neoliberalism v/s Democracy


Ledikasyon pu Travayer held a teach-in on Saturday, 7 August on "Neo-Liberalism v/s Democracy" at the LPT Hall in GRNW at 9.30 a.m. for some 40 members following courses.

Devianand Narrain gave a report on his week-long Winter School at Khanya College in Johannesburg, South Africa. He described the school and gave an outline of the subject matter which was Neo-Liberalism and Democracy. He said there were three other Mauritians present, from the trade union movement. He described how the Winter School was held in an interesting place, an old Gold Mine, converted into a place for such schools for working people.

Pushpa Lallah, who attended the school last year, added important points about what she had learned, putting emphasis on the importance of a POLITICAL awareness that she had learnt through LPT and through Lalit. The session she attended, together with another member, Cindy Clelie and MLF member, Marlene Joseph, was on the New Partnership for Africa's development (NEPAD), a neo-liberal preparation for further colonization of Africa. She said how this helped her understand the SADC meeting in Mauritius this week, which was talking about NEPAD. She said, had she not followed all this through LPT, she would never have been interested in such a meeting as the SADC one.

Cindy Clelie, LPT member who is studying political science at the University of Mauritius, then gave a very interesting talk on "What is democracy?" based mainly on two previous bits of research: a talk by Ram Seegobin to Grup Zenn Lalit last year, and a paper by Oupa Lehulere that Devianand Narrain had brought back from the Winter School.

There was a long question-and-answer session with those present.

The session had an interesting moment, when we telephoned Alain Ah-Vee, who is on a peaceful direct action march in Palestine, on his mobile phone (using Lindsey Collen's mobile phone, which has a little speaker, which we put in front of the microphone and put out over the PA system). A number of literacy students then spoke to Alain, wishing him courage in his brave work, challenging the illegal Israeli wall in Palestine.