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Program Out To-day on coming LALIT Symposium on Decolonization


LALIT is publishing its Program for the Two-Day Symposium on Decolonization that it will be holding at the end of July. Burning issues will be discussed – from ideology to housing, from music to education, from MBC to religion, from language to the land question.

 To register, you need an invitation. Anyone wanting to come to LALIT’s Symposium on Decolonization, please contact us on 208 5551 or by a letter to for an invitation. Places are limited.

 Two-Day Symposium on

Decolonization: 50 years after Independence:

- Progress, and Proposals for accelerating Decolonization”

Saturday 28th July and

Sunday 29th July, 2018/

Mother Earth Hall, LPT Building, Grand River North West, Port Louis.



9:30 am   Tea, Coffee and Registration.

Panel I

Morning: Presided: Rada Kistnasamy

10:00 am  

Paper: Rajni Lallah: Devlopment of Class Ananlysis as Part of Decolonization

Paper: Sanjay Jagatsingh: Framework for Analysis of Decolonization

Paper: Kavinien Karupudayyan: An Elephant in the Room: Suppression of the Mother Tongue

10:45 am 

Debate on the 3 talks

Panel II

11:15 am

Paper: Nirmal Betchoo: The Iconic 1975 Students’ Strike

Paper: Alain Ah-Vee: Written Kreol and Decolonization

Paper: Soufia Bham: Mauritian Kreol and Decolonizing the Self

12:00 am

Debate on the 3 talks

12:30 – 1:30 pm   B R E A K  -  Each person brings their lunch. Tea, coffee, juice will be served.

Afternoon: Presided: Alain Ah-Vee

Panel III

1:30 pm

Paper: Ram Seegobin: August 1979 Strike Movement: Democracy in the Trade union Movement

Paper: Gordon Barnes: In the Shadow of d’Epinay: Class Struggle in Mauritius before and after Decolonization

Paper: Sadna Jumnoodoo: Decolonization and colonial religion: e.g. chapels in public hospitals.


Debate on the 3 talks.

Panel IV

3:15 pm

Paper: Teri Bonne: Education: Still colonized ?

Paper: Lindsey Collen: The Land Question, Decolonization, Recolonization in Mauritius

Paper: Farhad Khoyratty: Mauritius is a Beach: Decolonizing Representation and Self-Representaion in Mauritius Islands.

Paper: Kisna Kistnasamy: Importance of Anti-Imperialist Struggle in Decolonization

4:15 pm

Debate on the 3 talks

5:00 pm - End of Day 1 out of 2


9:30 am   Tea, coffee, juice.

Morning: Presided: Anne-Marie Joly

Panel V

10:00 am

Paper: Elsa Wiehe: Decolonization as Freedom to Learn

Paper: Rajni Lallah ek Jason Lily: Music and Decolonization

Paper: Rada Kistnasamy: Housing: A short history of housing in Mauritius.


Debate on the 3 talks.

Panel VI


Paper: Danielle Turner: Plea for a Decolonized Education System

Paper: Jean-Luc Caliste: Kreol as Language in Parliament

Paper: Kisna Kistnasamy: MBC, what Measure of Decolonization?


Debate on the 3 talks.

12:30 - 1:30 pm  B R E A K  -  Each person brings own lunch. Tea, coffee, juice will be served.

Afternoon: Presided: Rajni Lallah

Panel VII

1:30 am

Paper: Anne-Marie Joly: All Workers’ Conference: A purely Defensive Strategy.

Paper: Leo Couacaud: Evolution of the term “creole” and its different meanings in Mauritius.

Paper: Lindsey Collen on The Violent Repression Provoked by Opposing Colonization: e.g.LPT


Debate on the 3 talks.


Closing Speech for Symposium as a whole


Symposium closes.