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Riport-Bak Alain Ah-Vee lor Palestinn le 21 Ut


You heard recently that the International Court of Justice at The Hague condemned Israel for constructing an illegal Wall?

You heard that the United Nations General Assembly then voted overwhelmingly for a resolution that Israel dismantle the Wall?

invites you to hear our member
Alain Ah-Vee
who went on a 200 km protest march and who will give his
on the
when he gets back from Palestine

Saturday 21st August
3:00 pm
Ledikasyon pu Travayer Hall, Main Road, GRNW,
Port Louis (near the Bridge).

What is this Wall?
What is it like to live in the shadow of this Wall?

Did you know that Palestinians, Israelis & people from all over the world, joined up for a 200 km protest march against the wall? And that they are facing tear gas, concussion gas, rubber bullets, and arrests at the hands of the Israeli Army? Did you know that there are people who are dismantling the wall, as a form of protest?

You can hear first-hand about the long walk.
You can express your solidarity with the people of Palestine.
Contact: 208 2132, 208 5551. Visit our site: