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Muvman Liberasyon Fam supports women Speaking Out against Predatory Men


LALIT publishes below the Communiqué we received from the Women’s Liberation Movement, the MLF. It is interesting to read the MLF communiqué together with LALIT’s article on the women and children’s movements (mainly in the USA) against patriarchy. Here is the MLF communiqué:

 The Muvman Liberasyon Fam supports the women who are speaking out about sex predators. The circumstances in both cases are extremely difficult for the women.

 In one case, the woman concerned Jessica Rosun is away from home at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, and has had to give a statement to the police for indecent assault by the chef de mission of the Mauritian delegation, Kaysee Teeroovengadum. The “power differential” between a chef de mission and an athlete is immense. What this means that struggles against sexual assault and sexual harassment in Mauritius coupled with the #metoo movement world-wide has given athletes the chance to speak out, instead of just feeling humiliated.

 The other case is tragic. A woman has sworn an affidavit about her ex-partner, who is also her ex-boss, so that he can no longer have access to their child. The bosses at the newspaper where the man, Nad Sivaramen, was Chef des publications, have suspended him since the charges against him are so serious. It is not yet clear at what stage charges will actually be laid against him. The Child Development Unit has taken up its statutory role in the case. In this case, too, the woman who has spoken out through an affidavit is taking on someone who has three kinds of power over her: he is her ex-partner, he is father of her child, and he is her ex-boss.

 Recently, on this very subject of the importance of speaking out against predatory men, the Muvman Liberasyon Fam circulated a Declaration signed by 50 women, for International Women’s Day the year of 50 years Independence. The 50 women are leaders of the women’s movement at the grassroots as well as nationally, and women who have, in their own sectors, contributed to women’s emancipation.

 Here is the content of the Declaration, and its signatories:

 Common Declaration

I, the undersigned, stand with women all over the world who are raising their voices against predatory men, men who use their positions of “relative power” on the worksite – or in other institutions – so as to abuse women. Times are changing. Organizations with a modicum of democracy – including political parties, unions and professional associations – are beginning, everywhere in the world, to hold men accountable, or to revoke them or expel them for abusing women. We, women, worldwide are beginning to raise our voices against sexual and sexist abuse. I for one will no longer collude with this.

Thus, I add my signature, me too.                 

 Aisha Doba

Allia Syed Hossen-Gooljar

Ambal Jeanne

Ananda Devi

Anjani Murdan

Anne-Lise Mestry

Anne-Marie Joly

Anooradah Pooran

Anushka Virahsawmy

Aurore Perraud

Begum Badullah

Daniella Bastien

Danielle Turner

Djemillah Mourade

Francoise Labelle

Francoise Lamusse

Gaëlle Tossé

Husna Ramjanally

Julia Maigrot

Kisna Kistnasamy

Kumari Issur

Laure Soobrayen

Lindsey Collen

Linzi Bacbotte

Manda Boolell

Marie Claire Bibi Diop

Marie-France Favory

Marie-Noelle Elissac-Foy

Marlène Urcile Ladine

Marousia Bouvery

Mary Jane Gaspard

Maya Hanoomanjee

Mélanie Vigier de Latour-Bérenger

Merline Francois

Micheline Virahsawmy

Mohni Bali

Monique Descombes

Munavvar Namdarkhan

Myriam Narainsamy

Patricia Day-Hookoomsing

Pramila Patten

Pushpa Lallah

Rajni Lallah

Ranjita Bunwaree

Sadna Jumnoodoo

Sandra O’Reilly

Sarah-Jane Vingta

Sheela Baguant

Sheila Bappoo

Sheila Bunwaree

Veronique Topize

Vidula Nababsing