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Happy New Year! Plus some figures on visitors to LALIT’s web site


We would like to extend our warm New Year’s wishes from everyone at LALIT to all our web site visitors. And we would like to call on your to send us an e-mail addressed to to give us an idea of what you appreciate, and whether you would like to help in any way.

 Here are some figures to give an idea of the continuous upward trend in the numbers of visitors to our site. Starting with hundreds, moving on to thousands, tens of thousands, and getting beyond hundreds of thousands. You will notice that in some years, there is a trend towards exponential growth, followed by a stabilization, and then exponential growth again. The last three years have settled around the 1.5 million hits per year mark.

2002            242

2003       17,161

2004       64,157

2005     103,801

2006     152,559

2007     111,569

2008     147,395

2009     264,325

2010     422,247 

2011     376,347

2012     362,401

2013     581,745

2014     900,000     (Estimate based on real figures for most individual months)

2015   1,400,000    (Estimate based on real figures for most individual months)

2016   1,744,227

2017   1,563,343

 TOTAL over the 16 years: 8,211,519