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LALIT Leaflet Against US “Declaring” Jerusalem capital of Israel


Below is the English translation of the leaflet that last week on 13 December, LALIT members distributed to denounce the USA’s continued support of Israel, at the moment when President Donald Trump has “declared” the capital of Israel to be Jerusalem. Yesterday the UN Security Council voted a resolution condemning the US, if not by name, that was voted 14-1, with only the USA against, thus using its veto as a Permanent Member.

Seven LALIT members distributed the leaflet in front of the US Embassy in John Kennedy Street, to the lunch crowd in Port Louis, making little gatherings along the road, on both sides.

The leaflet had on one side a series of four maps to show just what the US has colluded with Israel to do to Palestine territory: 1946, 1947, 1967 and today. It is a history of a land-grab in the old colonial style – after the end of colonization!

 Below is the content of the other side of the leaflet, where LALIT gives its position (translated from the original which is in Kreol, and which is in a news article a few below this one):





LALIT condemns President Donald Trump’s unilateral declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

This recent Trump action exposes in public the dishonest role that the USA has played for decades, pretending to be part of the peace process while in fact being as much responsible for all the crimes of the Israeli State as anyone else in the world. The USA’s role from 1948, through 1967, and until today – has been one of collusion with the Zionist State and constant masking of crimes against the Palestinian people and against the state of Palestine. USA has allowed and goes on allowing the colonization of Palestine by the bandit State that Israel is, a State that acts against international law, and against specific UN resolutions.

Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, is unfortunately not a brand new development in the USA. It dates back 22 years: The Senate and the House of Representatives voted this into law as long ago as 1995. President Clinton promised to what Trump has in fact done. President George W. Bush did the same. President Obama, too. They make a declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, not so much as to get an ethno-communal vote as to ensure that a handful of Zionist party funders, on the one hand, get the message, and to ensure that Israel remains the armed guard of the oil-rich Middle East, on the other hand. What this unprincipled political behavior means is that the US state apparatus had already put everything in place to allow a Donald Trump today – an extreme right, racist, colonialist and fascistic President – to execute an existing plan.

Before that, in 1980, the Israeli Parliament had passed a law declaring the totality of Jerusalem capital of Israel. This was condemned by the UN, which called it a violation of international law. The Trump decision comes and makes it abundantly clear the US’ unconditional support for Israel against Palestine.

Trump is effectively giving Netanyahu the go-ahead to continue doing land-grabs against Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and to go on bombing Gaza until last week. Trump backs Israel’s cynical politics of driving people from their homes – a politics of genocide being perpetrated since 1948. The USA has never really been in favour of the Palestinians having their own State, and has never condemned Israel for its military occupation of Palestine’s territory. Today the USA supposed “peace initiatives” are exposed as mere screens designed to break the back of mobilization in the occupied territories, and to change the balance of forces in favour of the “apartheid state” that Israel has become. We note that in his declaration after voting the law on Jerusalem into action makes no mention of “Palestine”; he talks of “Israel” and “the Palestinians” – showing bad faith enough to mean that the people of  Palestine, who have lived in Palestine from time immemorial do not deserve a State at all! Even though Palestine already has the status of an observer “State” at the UN.

The USA is now clearly exposed as a State that is a big part of the problem. Not a part of the resolution. Trump is collaborating with Netanyahu’s policy of installing Jewish colonies in the middle of East Jerusalem which is part of Palestinian, and now going as far as annexing Palestinian territory – 19 such settlements adjoining Jerusalem but in the West Bank. Some 150,000 Israeli colonizers have taken up residence in part of a devious manoeuvre to enlarge the Municipal boundary of Jerusalem so as to ensure a majority in coming municipal elections.

From the proclamation of the State of Israel in 1948, successive Israeli regimes have systematically dismembered and taken over and annexed parts of Palestine. Today what is left of “Palestine” has all but made the two-state solution not viable. Today Israel is setting up a full-blown “Apartheid State”. All these crimes are committed in the name of Israeli colonization, and are committed with US support. Whether Clinton, Bush or Obama, they all colluded with the crimes the Israeli state apparatus has committed against the people of Palestine.

LALIT has always supported the people of Palestine in their heroic struggle, and this,  not merely in theory. In practice too. Two of our members have personally participated in support action in the occupied territory of the West Bank and in East Jerusalem. LALIT has over the years held demonstrations, vigils, and forums, petitions and open letters to the Government as part of solidarity with the people of Palestine. Our past mobilization led to the Government of Mauritius being forced to suspend diplomatic relations with Israel. Today LALIT calls on the Pravind Jugnauth Government to once again suspend diplomatic relations with Israel, until it ends its occupation of Palestine. It is a rogue State.